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Facebook Games Go Hardcore
Facebook games have always catered mostly to families. The gaming options are vast, including casino games such as Texas Holdem Poker, hidden object games like Hidden Chronicles, puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga, and the family and farming games like Café Land and of course the infamous Farmville. Yet... Read more
Twitter Attacked By Hackers
Social media giant Twitter is the latest victim of an internet security attack. The San Francisco-based company now joins the likes of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, which have also reported breaches of their systems within the last two weeks. ‘Unusual access patterns’ were detected by... Read more
Twitter’s New Video App Vine Takes the Scene
Twitter has now launched their distinctive new video app, the Vine. While being compared to existing apps such as Instagram and YouTube, the Vine app takes video sharing into a new realm. The videos, complete with audio, are created exclusively on iOS devices and max out at only 6... Read more
King Becomes Number One Gaming Company on Facebook
Do you enjoy Facebook games? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Social networking games are at an all time high for popularity, due in large by increasing mobile accessibility. In a recent report by Flurry, 80% of the $10 billion in mobile app profits are generated by... Read more
Facebook: The Undeniable Social Network King
Facebook may have had a very difficult year after the IPO debacle that led to an unbelievable plummet in its share prices, but the good news is that the social networking company is starting to recover with its shares now trading above $30 for the first time since its... Read more
New Facebook Poke App
Facebook added a new app over the holiday season for messaging.  It’s called Poke, which is also the same name as a function that has been part of the site since the beginning.  It was a way of waving at other users.  The new feature provides complex greetings through... Read more
Facebook to Start Charging for Messages
Facebook is making yet another change to its site, this time with regards to message sending.  This move will allow you to send messages to people outside of your network and not be listed as spam while letting Facebook monetize a portion of its services.   Most of your... Read more
Instagram Reverts To Old Terms Of Service
Instagram on Thursday announced plans to revert the company’s terms of service statement back to its previous wording. On Monday we reported that Instagram was changing its TOS in an effort to more flawlessly sync with Facebook’s own data collection systems. Almost immediately following Instagram’s announcement angry users took... Read more
SongPop is Facebook’s Top Rated Game
Facebook has released its list of the top 25 games for 2012 and SongPop has come out as #1.  Since Facebook reached the one billion users online mark, interest and revenue for Facebook games have surged.  The games featured in the top 25 list represent the highest rated and... Read more
Pinterest & Twitter Partnership
Pinterest seems to be picking up where Instagram left off.  After the bitter battle that has caused the separation between Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter seem to be developing a partnership that could benefit both of them. Pinterest photos are already available on Twitter and the website has... Read more
Facebook Security: A Slower, Safer Facebook
Facebook is about to face a new change that will slow it down – literally. And you are going to be excited about it. Facebook is in the process of switching to an internet connection that is more secure.   Added Security HTTPS is more secure than a traditional... Read more
Facebook’s 5 Biggest Failures in 2012
With 1 billion users finally reached, new ad spots for web and mobile platforms helping increasing revenue and plenty of acquisitions and talent hired you would think that 2012 was the best year in Facebook’s short corporate life. Unfortunately for employees 2012 was also the focus of some very... Read more