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New Research Claims 26% Of Americans Have Deleted Facebook
The study, undertaken by the Pew Research Center (no relation to PewDiePie), is the latest in a year of bad news stories for Facebook. In worrying news for Mark Zuckerberg, the social media giant, a new study has revealed that some 26% of Americans have deleted the Facebook app from... Read more
Alex Jones, InfoWars Permanently Banned From Twitter
One of Jones’ last widespread platforms, Twitter takes action at last. It certainly took them long enough, but it Twitter finally caved on its tolerance of Alex Jones’ ongoing attacks and violent rhetoric, specifically where key politicians, victims and survivors of horrific tragedies, and basic common sense are concerned.... Read more
Snapchat Hacker Changes Map To Anti-Semitic Slur
Snapchat users were a little taken aback by a recent hacking event that altered the map of New York City in the platform. According to users who called out the platform and its parent company on Twitter, someone had changed “Manhattan” to “Jewtropolis.” The company was quick to apologize... Read more
Facebook Dumps Its Data-Gathering VPN
A popular television commercial brought a new phrase to the public vernacular: “That’s not how this works… that’s not how any of this works.” The woman in the commercial obviously has no clue how Facebook works as she shows her friends all the photos she’s posted to her wall…... Read more
Kik Launches Retail Platform For Crypto Kinit
Kinit is the first public app designed to get more consumers using Kin. Messaging app Kik first introduced its own foray into the exciting world of cryptocurrency almost a year ago when it launched an ICO for its own coin, Kin. Despite some early regulatory issues, the Canadian-based company... Read more
Celebrities, Politicians And Even Twitter CEO Lose Followers After Twitter Purge
A week after Twitter locked, suspended, and/or purged millions of ‘fake,’ ‘bot’ and ‘suspicious’ Twitter accounts, a number of well known high follower Twitter accounts have seen a noticeably large drop in their follower counts.  As we reported last week, the suspensions and shutdowns were part of a continued effort by Twitter to clear up its platform and institute... Read more
Twitter Closes Millions Of Fake Accounts In Social Media Purge 
News has emerged that over the past few months Twitter may have shut down up to 70 million accounts in a massive purge of suspected fake and suspicious posts.   According to the Washinton Post, the suspensions and shutdowns were part of a continued effort by Twitter to clear up its platform and institute proper... Read more
After Facebook And Twitter Crackdown, Nazis Move to Google Plus
Neo Nazis and other closely associated extremists surge to Google Plus with some ‘plus’ communities having hundreds or thousands of followers in their circles. At least somebody’s still using it? News has emerged this week, that following a severe crackdown by mainstream social media outlets such as Facebook and... Read more
Alternative Messaging Platforms for a Post-Cambridge Analytica World
3 free alternatives to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp that take privacy seriously. Matters of data privacy and consent to the use of personal information on messaging and social media platforms have been very much in the news, lately, following the involvement of Facebook in the scandal with Cambridge Analytica.... Read more
Facebook To Take Action On Bad Reviews
“Don’t read the comments… don’t read the comments…” By and large, the comments section of most news, videos, or social media posts can easily devolve into a cesspool of anti-humanity. However, one aspect to leaving an opinion online can actually serve a purpose for other users: online reviews. All... Read more
Manafort Jailed, Largely Due To “Encrypted” Messages
While Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is jailed awaiting trial, his WhatsApp and Signal messages have been subpoenaed. Encrypted messaging apps and email service providers are popular with users, not just for personal security or business-related communications. Apps like WhatsApp initially became the domain of collaborative partners who needed... Read more
Glitch Set Private Facebook Posts To Public
The latest in a long line of Facebook privacy blunders. There’s a surprise waiting in the email inboxes of about 14 million Facebook users: a mea culpa message that lets them know that their privacy settings might have let them down. According to the company, a bug at headquarters... Read more
People Using Facebook Less For News, New Study Finds
Compared to 2017 fewer people are using Facebook for news but are instead using other social media outlets to stay informed, according to the new 2018 Reuters Digital News Report. Now in its seventh year, the Digital News Report claims that users are more concerned about privacy, fake news,... Read more
New Changes To Trending Topics At Facebook
Facebook will be replacing its Trending column with something better. To see something “trending” on social media can cause a user to stumble for a moment. Is it another school shooting? Another celebrity passing? Another criminal act or accusation? Simply seeing a name or location in the trending column... Read more
Twitter Blocks Users Who Were Underage When They Registered
The social media company is allegedly blocking all users who were under the age of 13 when they first signed up for an account. Twitter is apparently taking strong action against anyone whose self-declared date of birth means they were under the age of 13 when they first signed... Read more
Russian-Bought Facebook Ads Released To Journalists
Details of more than 3,000 Russian-bought ads have been reviewed by the media. The investigation into Russian meddling with the 2016 US presidential election is still underway. After a year’s time, dozens of indictments have been handed down while speculation about who will be the next to go runs... Read more
New Chatbot Helps Fight Facebook Fake News
Will Facterbot help improve Facebook’s reputation? Whether it’s an unresearched meme your anti-vaxxer sister-in-law shared or an attack ad funded by a foreign agent, there’s no doubt that Facebook has been complicit in helping spread vicious lies, ridiculous rumors, and good grief–flat earth weirdness. While the site claims that... Read more
You Can Now Purchase Right Through Instagram
Register your card, set up a PIN and start buying things without ever leaving Instagram. In a world swirling with controversy over fake news, bot accounts, and roughshod privacy tactics, it’s nice to know there’s one social media outlet that is still just duck-billed selfies and photoshopped celebrities. Instagram, despite... Read more