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Chrome 53 Release: Squashes Bugs, Better Battery Life, Kills Flash (Some More)
Chrome 53 has been released for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, but are there any real changes. The latest version of Chrome fixed over 30 security issues present in the previous release, made more inroads in Google’s fight against Flash, and takes steps to improve battery life for... Read more
Win A MacBook Pro With Opera And FileHippo!
New And Improved: Opera Version 39 To Hit The Web August 2nd Last month we at FileHippo joined forces with Opera to give away a Surface Pro,and this month we’re doing it again. Except this time, it’s not a Surface up for grabs but a MacBook Pro! Filehippo and Opera... Read more
Win A Surface Pro 4 With Opera
You may remember our amazing Opera give away last year where all our readers got the chance to win a Surface Pro, but if you didn’t, or you missed the boat on that deal, then there’s no need to worry, because we’re doing it again! That’s right, to tie... Read more
Chinese Tech Consortium To Buy Web Browser Opera For $1.2B
A group of Chinese tech companies has made a highly lucrative offer for mobile web browser Opera. A group of Chinese tech powerhouses led by Golden Brick Silk Road has made an astounding offer to buy Oslo-based Opera Software ASA’s top-selling product, the Opera web browser, for a little... Read more
Win A Surface Pro 3 Courtesy Of Opera And
Opera and have teamed up together to give you an exclusive chance to win 1 of 3 Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s. No gimmicks, no catches, just Opera, and Surface Pro. This is the best prize we’ve ever given away! I mean, who wouldn’t want a chance to use... Read more
Opera Unveils New Branding And Logo
Opera: New Logo, New Direction? Opera, the popular and evergreen web browser for both desktop and mobile environments has got itself a new logo, and a new brand identity. The move is, according to the company themselves, however, more than just about replacing the old red “O” logo with... Read more
Big Day For Browser Updates
The days of being stuck having to use the pre-installed Internet Explorer browser are long gone. In the world of optional web browsers, there are a few names that reign supreme, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other lesser-known web browsers are still garnering attention and a loyal fan... Read more
Looking For Another Browser? Check Out Opera
Depending on the kind of smartphone or tablet you have, there’s a good chance you’re already steering clear of the major names in web browsers when surfing the web, whether you’re aware of it or not. Even though names like Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are common as dirt... Read more
Former Opera CEO Launches Vivaldi: The Power Browser
Last week Microsoft announced a new browser, Project Spartan. That’s not the only news in the browser wars as the ex CEO of Opera has just announced a new browser as well, Vivaldi. This new browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and although it is still in its infancy,... Read more
Looking for a Different Browser? Try Opera
Opera may not have won the browser wars in recent years, but it’s still a well respected application that ranks fourth in the browser stakes. Opera users benefit from a built-in BitTorrent client and integrated IRC chat, and it’s consistently rock solid and speedy. Many users first come across Opera... Read more
Opera Update is Now Available
Opera version 22.0.1471.50, is a full featured Internet browser which includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions such as Opera’s groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat.  With Opera you are able to customize the look and content of the Opera browser with a few... Read more
[Readers Poll] Which Browser is the Best?
While it is generally accepted that Google Chrome has taken the dominant position in the global browser market, it’s still amazing to see just how big the discrepancies between websites that record user browser preference are. So for example, if you head to Netmarket Share, it tells you that... Read more
Opera Browser Updated
Opera is a full featured Internet browser which includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions such as Opera’s groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat.  With Opera you are able to customize the look and content of the Opera browser with a few simple clicks.... Read more
New 20 Version Of Opera Has Critical Bug Fixes
Opera has rolled out yet another 20 version of its popular browser. It comes with what the company describes as “some new critical bug fixes”, one of which resolves an auto update problem on Mac, where the auto update process prompts for user credentials and then exits immediately if... Read more
Opera Mini 8 Launched
Opera Software is the maker of the Opera browser for desktop PCs and mobile devices alike.  But to help those of us who have slightly less up-to-date devices, Opera have just launched the Opera Mini 8 browser for basic mobile phones. Currently, the number of smartphones being used is... Read more
Opera 20.0.1387.82 is Available To Download
The Opera team has released another update for the stable channel of the Opera browser. Opera 20.0.1387.82 sees some minor bug fixes and so is now more stable than ever. You can download Opera 20.0.1387.82 now through FileHippo. SOURCE: Read more
Opera 20.0.1387.77 Removes CSP 1.1 Due To Security Issues
There has been a silent update of Opera 20, which may have gone unnoticed but it sees some interesting security changes. The first change is to what is known as the ‘badge’, or the icon that sits to the left of the address field. Opera 20 was given an... Read more
Opera 18 For Android Released
Opera 18 for Android Brings a New Design and Dedicated Tablet Support with their  major update to the Android browser. Opera 18 for Android isn’t just a minor bug fix update. The new Opera browser is built on a code base from Chromium 31, so it should be fast and... Read more