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New And Improved: Opera Version 39 To Hit The Web August 2nd Last month we at FileHippo joined forces with Opera to give away... Win A MacBook Pro With Opera And FileHippo!

New And Improved: Opera Version 39 To Hit The Web August 2nd

Last month we at FileHippo joined forces with Opera to give away a Surface Pro,and this month we’re doing it again. Except this time, it’s not a Surface up for grabs but a MacBook Pro!

Filehippo and Opera Giveaway 2

Hassle free better browsing

August 2nd will see the release of Opera’s latest web browser, version 39. Like a fine wine, Opera just continues to get better with age, and version 39 is no exception. Never one to rest on their laurels, the guys at Opera have put the work in, and it shows, as the latest update to their browser comes fully loaded with improvements and new features that are useful, and really work.

To start with, version 39 just works, is clutter free, light on system resources, easy to use, and yet has some powerful stuff going on beneath the hood, and some really nice tweaks that make it perform even better, especially under stress.

Laptop Battery Saver

The best feature of all is still, the browser battery saver. Not only is Opera the first browser to utilise such a feature, but it also works surprisingly well, which is a must if you ever want to work mains free. Opera claim the battery saver feature (which you can just click on and off) can help users extend the battery life of their laptops by up to 50% when compared with other browsers, such as Google Chrome.

The great thing about it as well, is Opera will show the battery icon the moment you unplug, and appears right next to the search bar and once that appears users can simply flip on the switch on if they want, or not, if they don’t.

Some of the tweaks this time round, include reducing activity in background tabs, and waking the CPU less often during browsing and reducing frame rates to a max 30 frames per second, which all help keep your laptop running longer.

Video pop out improvements

The video pop out feature that was released with July’s version of Opera has been widely hailed as quite the success, but version 39 has tweaked and improved it anyway, and Opera will be releasing the stats to show how quickly users have taken to this feature.

More videos are being popped out and played from more websites than ever, including Vimeo and playing/pausing the video from the pop-out screen:  Minor updates maybe, but ones Opera connoisseurs and new users should appreciate.


The inbuilt custom designed ad-blocker has also had some tweaks thrown at it as well; it comes with a speed test feature that allows the user to test out the loading speed of the current webpage, as well as giving users the opportunity to whitelist any website they please. This helps take the overall experience of browsing the web to a new level.

So, as I said in July, if you want to surf the web and still have the best hassle free experience, and be in with a chance of winning a MacBook Pro, then don’t hang about – download the latest version of Opera from FileHippo now!