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Apple Removes Metadata+ Drone Strike Map App from App Store
In a sudden, and unexpected move, Apple unilaterally decided to ban the Metadata+ iOS app that maps US drone strikes from the Apple Store. The app’s main purpose was to send push notifications to users iOS devices when drone strikes were reported. Metadata+ was originally created to work in... Read more
Robot Vacuum Attacks Sleeping Woman
Beware the vacuums! A South Korean woman is happy to be out of the clutches of her robot vacuum, after it decided to attack her while she was sleeping. Here’s apparently what happened: The woman set the robot vacuum to sweep the floor and then decided to take a... Read more
Bill Gates Afraid Of Future Machines And Super Intelligence
You’d think the founder of Microsoft would be all about the rise of future technologies and artificial intelligence, but Bill Gates is actually slightly afraid of just what all the “machines” might be able to do. He took part in one of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) chats recently,... Read more
Another Robot Restaurant Opens In China
In other news of the day, another restaurant staffed mostly by robots has opened in the Hefei, Anhui province of China. This one’s slightly different than some of the others, as it is named Wall.e – you know, like the Disney/Pixar robot? It’s anyone’s best guess as to how... Read more
Amazon Uses 15,000 Robots to Make Warehouses More Productive
Amazon is diversifying its workforce with 15,000 robots, in an effort to make the warehouses more efficient and give human workers a bit of a leg break from scouting the warehouse for a single toy. The news was announced in time for the holiday season, Amazon’s busiest time. The... Read more
Fire Breathing Dragon Breaks World Record for Largest Robot
Darpa are going to have to up their game as far as robotics go, as the world record title for the world’s largest robot goes to Zollner Elektronik AG. Named Traddino, this 56-foot-long dragon not only walk around on all fours but also breathes fire! Thanks to special flame... Read more
Microsoft use Robots to Guard Silicon Valley Campus
Looking at an average factory comparison between 1950 and 2014, it might be interesting to see how many humans still work the manual jobs inside the facility. Microsoft is looking to get rid of some of its security workforce at the main Silicon Valley campus, replacing guards with autonomous... Read more
Ground Drone Project Launches Stair Climbing Robot
A new open-source robot called ARTI has been designed that can conquer stairs with no problems at all.  The freshly public Ground Drone Project are the guys behind this marvellous feat of engineering that has been in development for a couple of years now. The robot’s developers focused their minds on... Read more
Will Robots Kill Us All In The Future?
With all the advances in technology and artificial intelligence happening around us every moment of the day, what will life look like in the next 100 years? Just within the past year we’ve seen so many advances in autonomous cars, robotic employees, the possibility of a robot army –... Read more
Robot Printer Brings Papers To Your Desk
The ability to print documents from a computer (or phone, tablet, whatever) is great in today’s world. But you know what, unless you have a printer right there on top of your desk, chances are you’re still going to have to get up out of your office chair to... Read more
Would You Rather Have A Robot Boss Or A Human Boss?
How do you like you boss(es) at work? Are they good at their jobs? Are they fair? Do they make good decisions? What happens when things go wrong in the workplace – how do they react? It’s obvious there are good and bad bosses out there, but if a... Read more
This Robot is Hitchhiking Across Canada
We all know it can be dangerous to pick up random strangers on the side of the road, but what about robots who need a ride? If you do any traveling in Canada, there’s a small chance you might’ve seen a random robot on the side of the road,... Read more
Restaurant in China is Staffed By Robots
One of my favorite things to do is to go out and eat at a restaurant. And while I like the occasional fast food experience, I really prefer a sit-down kind of meal. It really doesn’t matter where I go, though, the experience is just about the same. I... Read more
These Robotic Suits Give You Super Strength
Ever since I watched Iron Man for the first time back when it first came out, I have been waiting for the day when the world took its cue from Tony Stark and built a suit worthy of the Marvel hero. While robotic suits and exoskeletons have been talked about... Read more
Cheering Robots May Be In The Future Of Sports
I don’t know what you think of when you think of sporting events, but I think of several things – overpriced (and mediocre) food, lots of traffic, cramped seats, the sun in my eyes, obviously some kind of game going on down below, and, oh yeah – a ton... Read more
Battlefield Testing Begins For Alpha Dog LS3
Boston Dynamics have now started trialing the LS3 Alpha Dog with the U.S. Marine Corps.  As with most technology that has been designed with warfare in mind, it is very scary to watch.  Just imagining the implications of this giant robotic dog being deployed on a large scale is a... Read more
UK Robots To Roam Testing Sites
The robot ‘rush’is on the rise and the UK is trying to explore this field more readily.  Soon, to test their ability to work independently, the UK will release robots over decommissioned nuclear sites as well as long abandoned coal mines.  The hope is to further robot research in... Read more
Android Newscaster Unveiled in Tokyo
The first news-reading android has been revealed in Japan.  It comes with a sense of humour and perfect language skills.  The youthful looking ‘Kodomoroid’, (which means child android) has delivered the news about an earthquake and a FBI raid.  Reporters in Tokyo are amazed. The pitch-perfect Kodomoroid was paired... Read more