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MIT Invents Remote Controlled Shape Shifting Robotic Screen
When I first located this on the internet, my initial reaction was simply “wow, that’s deep”. Even now, I stick by that initial reaction after reading more on the subject and viewing the media surrounding the project.  If you love tech and I know you do, this will blow... Read more
Rover The Robot Cow Herder

Rover The Robot Cow Herder

News November 19, 2013

Robots have been able to revolutionise operations in the army and have taken NASA’s space exploration to a new level but robots could be about to get a new assignment; herding cows. According to Australian researchers robots could be the future in herding cows. A four-wheeled device named Rover,... Read more
Meet The Z-Machines: The First All Robot Band
Now this is just awesome – if we had any doubts that the future was here, those doubts can now be laid to rest. Allow me to introduce you to the Z-Machines. Forget Metallica, the Z-Machines are a heavy metal band in every sense of the word – the... Read more
US Military Tests Ground Robot That Fires Machine Gun
Although drones have been used to attack targets from the sky, the US military are now exploring the possibilty of employing ground robots capable of firing machine guns. Last weekend, four companies tested robots armed with guns that can shoot at targets up to 500 feet away. Also present... Read more
Superhuman Robots With Artificial Muscles: A Reality
No matter what Hollywood tells us about killer robots chasing us and tearing us limb from limb, the reality is that; pound for pound, robots are nowhere near as strong as humans. Until now that is. Now there is a distinct possibility that in the future, there will be... Read more
Virtual Tours of Italy with San Pellegrino
Whether it is a good pizza or plate of pasta, not to mention the wine, we all love something about Italy. While it may not always be possible to just hop on the plane and experience the Italian culture, San Pellegrino Fruit Beverages is giving everyone the chance of... Read more
Kirobo The Robot Sets Off For The International Space Station
On Sunday morning the world’s first talking humanoid astronaut left Japan and headed off for the International Space Station. The robot, named Kirobo, weighs only 1 kilogram and stands 34 centmeters from head-to-toe. Kirobo is travelling to the ISS along with five tons of supplies for the crew and... Read more
New E-Skin Lights Up When Touched
Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley have developed a very thin electronic skin or e-skin. It is a sensor network on flexible plastic that reacts to touch with light. The more pressure that is applied to the area, the brighter the organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) will shine.... Read more