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Scout Robot Helps Protect Big Brother
What is the most annoying thing about creating really expensive technology?  The cost right?  I mean, firms must spend stacks of cash on research and development and watch their ideas time and time again get broken or damaged beyond repair.  The clever boffins behind the tech must feel gut-wrenching... Read more
Intel To Make 3D Printed Robot Kits
On Wednesday of last week Intel debuted a fully customizable, 3D-printable robot at the Re/code Code Conference.  Brian David Johnson created the “21st Century Robot” project.  According to the project’s website, the project is the result of a varied collaboration of developers from the University of Southern California, the... Read more
Robotic Bees May Secure Our Future
How often do you stop and think about bees? When you get stung by one? When you’re trying to dodge one as it flies through the air? When you’re eating honey? Whether you think about them a lot or not, the fact remains that bees are incredibly important to... Read more
Robotic Fire-Fighters Tested By US Navy
Robots are the future!  Industry and everyday life relies on the work of robots of varying degrees.  Now there are robotic fire fighters who could help put out fires and protect firemen and women from fires they would otherwise, be unable to enter. As one can imagine, a variety... Read more
LA Times Robot Writes Breaking Earthquake News
When an earthquake occured on Monday, The Los Angeles Times was quick on the scene, being the first newspaper to cover the story. But instead of one of the journalists reporting on the disaster, its in-house robot published the story. Journalist and programmer Ken Schwencke has created an algorithm... Read more
Lego Robot Smashes Rubik’s Cube World Record
I absolutely loved lego when I was a kid but what I built was nothing compared to what two British engineers have created. The Cubestormer 3 robot was built by David Gilday and Mike Dobson and has just smashed the world record for completing a Rubik’s Cube. In just... Read more
Researchers Are A Step Closer To Liquid Metal Terminator Robots
In the film Terminator 2, the T-1000 was made from a liquid metal that could change into any shape it wanted. Although this may seem far-fetched for a real robot, researchers think they have a found a way to manipulate liquid metal, achieving the beginnings of what we see... Read more
Dyson To Open Robotics Lab At Imperial College
If you’re anything like most “normal” people, part of your daily and weekly activities revolve around housekeeping. Whether it’s doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or vacuuming the floor, we all have duties around the house that we wish we didn’t have to do. If you have children, they... Read more
New E-Whiskers Could Help Robots “Feel” Their Environment
Faculty scientist Ali Javey is leading a research team made up of researchers from Berkley Lab and the University of California, in a bid to create tactile sensors from composite films of carbon nanotubes and silver nanoparticles. These are loosely based on highly sensitive whiskers that would normally be... Read more
Google Acquires AI Firm DeepMind For $240 Million
Is the rise of the machines nearly upon us?  It maybe nearer than you think, as Google’s latest acquisition is in line with their recent purchases of seven robotics firms, including Industrial Perception, which specialises in machines that can package goods and Mekabot, which makes humanoid robots.  However, as... Read more
Super Flexible Sensors May Revolutionise Robotics & Prosthetics
Although this looks a lot like a clear band-aid, it’s actually an ultra-thin, flexible sensor. Developed by Dr. Yong Zhu and fellow researchers from the North Carolina State University, this sensor could be used on fabric, the human body or any other object in order to track things like... Read more
Robots Get Their Own Cloud-Based Internet
A group of research scientists from Philips and several European universities have developed a world wide web for robots, allowing them to share information and learn from one another. Funded by the European Union, this four year project will be tested at the university in Eindhoven in a hospital-like... Read more
Parrot Unveils its New MiniDrone & A Leaping Sumo Rolling Bot
Parrot, originally a Bluetooth company which now produces drones, released some new hardware at CES 2014, along with two new smartphone-controlled bots. One of the bots, the MiniDrone, is a very small version of the popular AR Drone. It can fly, roll and hug walls and ceilings. It is... Read more
Cubli The Robotic Cube Can Walk & Jump
Swiss researchers at Zurich’s ETH Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, have built a cube-shaped robot that can walk around and balance itself on its edges or corners.  The Cubli  is able to accomplish these feats because it has three internal spinning wheels, which provide a gyroscopic balancing force. The... Read more
Google Robot Wins The DARPA Competition
Out of the fifteen teams that entered the DARPA robot challenge, the winner was a robot from a Google-owned start-up company. The machine from team Schaft successfully completed all eight of the rescue-themed tasks and came top of the leaderboard, with a fairly wide margin when compared to the... Read more
NASA Creates Superhero Robot Named Valkyrie
For the DARPA robotics challenge, NASA has decided to go all out this year. They have effectively designed and created the first robotic superhero, and even if it doesn’t win them first place in the challenge, it will hopefully save some lives one day down the road, as long... Read more
Google Acquires Boston Dynamics Ready For Robot Takeover
It has been confirmed that Google has acquired the robot company Boston Dynamics, who built the DARPA-related robots WildCat, Atlas, Petman and Big Dog. Andy Rubin, who is now heading up Google’s robotics sector, tweeted “The future is looking awesome!”. However the public reaction to the news is a... Read more
Russia’s Robonaut To Help Out On The ISS
The Russian Space Agency has developed its very own NASA-like robot named SAR-401, which is designed to help on the International Space Station (ISS). More specifically on the outside of the ISS. Designed and built by the Scientific Production Association-Androidnye Technology and the Central Research Institute of Machine Building,... Read more