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Samsung Smart Watch to Compete with Apple iWatch
Let the smart watch races begin! Samsung is currently developing a smart watch that it hopes to release before the end of 2013. According to a report in Bloomberg the smartphone manufacturer is hoping to beat the Apple iWatch to market. According to executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, Lee Young... Read more
Last-Minute Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors
There’s but one more day left before the world finally receives the official word on Samsung’s latest device from the Galaxy S range. Tomorrow, March 14, Samsung is slated to hold the official launch of the Galaxy S4 at the iconic Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Unsurprisingly, the speculations... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Note Explodes, Burns Customers Leg
A South Korean man was injured over the weekend when his Samsung Galaxy Note exploded. The man was carrying the smartphone in his pocket when it exploded. The 55-year-old cell phone user was left with second-degree burns on his inner-thigh. According to South Korean publication Chosun Ilbo the phones spare battery... Read more
Apple Claims 34% Marketshare In Q4, Surpasses Samsung
Apple and Samsung have been in a constant battle for the top sales spot in the US smartphone market. In Q4 2012 Apple managed to jump past Samsung, claiming a 34 percent market share. Apple is estimated to have sold 17.7 million units in the quarter. Samsung in the... Read more
Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Gets Redesign
The recently redesigned Samsung Series 3 Chromebox may feature many of the same internal components as the original device, but it also features a new design that departs from the look and feel of an Apple Mini. Originally released in Mid-2012 the update to the device offers a new... Read more
Smartphone Holiday Gift Guide
It’s the last day of November, and time’s flying by so quickly. Before we know it, Christmas morning will be here! Have you got your Christmas shopping all done, or have you at least started? If you are looking to give a smartphone to a loved one for the holidays,... Read more
Samsung Stops Supplying Batteries To Apple
The feud between Apple and Samsung has led to a loss of battery sales. According to a new report in China Business News Samsung has refused to supply Apple Macbook and iPad devices with its battery technology, instead forcing Apple to seek out new batteries from Chinese tech firms Amperex Technology... Read more
The One Dock To Rule Them All
How many mobile phones and tablets do you have at home? If your household is into gadgets – and what household isn’t these days? – then the chances are that you have at least one Apple device and one Samsung device. This is perfect especially for those who work... Read more
What To Expect From The Samsung Galaxy S IV
The Samsung Galaxy S III has been on the open market for just six months, however with 50 million+ units sold and a loyal fan base already awaiting the next Samsung devices rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S IV are already starting to surface. While rumored features are likely... Read more
Patent Wars

Patent Wars

InternetMobile September 13, 2012

Less than a month has gone by since a California court gave the verdict for the “patent trial of the century”, where Apple seemingly came out as the winner over Samsung. This highly publicized trial has caught the attention of experts (the real ones, not the pundits you can... Read more