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Research Says Caffeine Will Improve Your Long-Term Memory
I don’t know about you but I cannot function in the morning until I have had my hit of caffeine. Despite my husband trying to convert me to herbal teas, only a good strong coffee will do. Well it seems that I have the last laugh on this one,... Read more
These Solar Glass Orbs Are Super Efficient Energy Generators
Rawlemon is a perfectly spherical glass ball designed by the German architect Andre Broessel and its aim is to make solar power more efficient and less expensive. Broessel wants this type of technology to be available to everyone, no matter where they are. “Our product is democratic,” he says.... Read more
The Pill To Make You Pitch Perfect
Ear splitting renditions of popular songs on karaoke could be a thing of the past if the drug developed by Professor Takao Hensch gives us the ability to learn perfect pitch as he says it does. Professor Hensch works in molecular and cellular biology at Harvard University. He believed... Read more
Flexible Chip Can Be Wrapped Around A Human Hair
Scientists are clever people aren’t they?  They research and develop all kinds of wonderful tech for use in the real world by people like you and me.  I have no idea how this next innovation will be used but the possibilities are going to be far reaching, from medical... Read more
Early Warning System For Natural Disasters Tested In U.S
Scientists are employing the use of GPS technology and other sensors in order to develop a better early warning system for earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. The minutes before a natural disaster strikes are crucial and so an early warning system would provide emergency services the opportunity to prepare and... Read more
This Ultrasonic Array Makes Things Fly Around In 3D Space
When watching this video for the first time you would be forgiven for thinking that we have finally mastered the Force. However rather than Luke Skywalker, these are scientists from the University of Tokyo, who have been able to make things levitate and move in space with the use... Read more
Erasing Bad Memories is Now A Reality!
A team of neuroscientists have devised a new form of electroshock therapy, which apparently erases bad memories. The Dutch neuroscientists came up with an electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which was designed to “target and disrupt patients’ memory of a disturbing episode.” A group of 42 patients were shown two traumatic... Read more
Cause Of Aging Reversed In Mice, Humans Next
Let’s face it, none of us want to get old. Over recent years we’ve seen a real push from medical researchers, trying to reduce disease and finding ways of making us live longer. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia and Harvard Medical School have been working... Read more
Researchers in Canada Send Text Using Vodka & A Fan
Researchers at York University in Canada have used vodka and a desk fan to send a new type of text message. The team were able to encode the alphabet in evaporated alcohol and assigned different concentration levels to represent bits 1 and 0. During the experiment, the chemical signal... Read more
Carmat Implants its First Artificial Heart in A Human
A “bioprosthetic” artificial heart, created by Carmat, was successfully implanted in a patient at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in France last week, marking the first effective human implant for the company. According to Carmat the patient is in the intensive care unit but is doing well and able... Read more
Researchers Find Greenhouse Gas Worse Than Carbon Dioxide
Global warming is a big problem, resulting in everyone doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint and find alternative energy solutions. However, researchers at the University of Toronto have announced the discovery of a new greenhouse gas, that has the worst impact on global warming ever seen. This... Read more
Scientists Create The First Sperm-Based Biobot
Metal cybernetic microorganisms and bull’s sperm cells have been used by scientists to create the first sperm-based biobots. The scientists from the Institute for Integrative Nanosciences in Dresden, Germany say that this spermbot can be remote controlled and used to impregnate an egg or deliver a drug to a... Read more
BioPen Lets Surgeons “Draw” Bones
Researchers at Australia’s University of Wollongong have created a handheld 3D-printing pen that could give surgeons the ability to “draw” a living repair on an injured bone. The BioPen contains two different types of “ink”, one made from human cells and another which is a protective UV-activated structural gel. It... Read more
Chronic Disease May Be Treated Orally With New Nanoparticle
We all have to admit that getting an injection is not a pleasant experience and given the opportunity we’d rather take a pill than hear those dreadful words “you might feel a slight scratch”. Consider for a moment though people who suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer or... Read more
Researchers Control Computers Through Body Piercings
A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology are harnessing the tongue’s “amazing” dexterity, using tongue piercings to control wheelchairs and computers, in a move to change the way people affected by paralysis interact with the world around them. A tiny magnet installed in a tongue piercing... Read more
Draw Electronic Circuits With This Ballpoint Pen
Electroninks Incorporated, originally part of a research lab for the University of Illinois, has developed a rollerball pen that allows you to create fully functioning circuits through silver conductive ink. Circuit Scribe means that you can draw electroinc circuits and then test a prototype concept, all without the use... Read more
Microsoft Releases First Worldwide Telescope-Driven Planetarium
As kids, we all had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grow up. I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think I’m not going out on a limb when I say that space and astronauts rank high up in that list of “what I want... Read more
Wolverine Self-Healing Gene is Found
One Harvard researcher thinks he has found the gene that would enable us to regrow organs and regenerate limbs. Various genes in our bodies turn on and off and different times over the course of our lives. It is here that scientists are looking for the magical code that... Read more