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Data Mining Social Media For Science
What do whale sharks, NASA’s Hubble Telescope, and your vacation videos have in common? Plenty, according to a report by ZDNet’s Jo Best. The author describes in incredible detail the ability to track one of the most elusive (for its massive size) widely-known ocean dwellers, the whale shark. Whale... Read more
Google Doodle Celebrates Juno Jupiter Mission
Welcome to Jupiter, Juno. NASA aren’t the only ones celebrating the Juno spacecraft’s successful arrival at Jupiter this week. In a surprise move, and also that someone at Google was obviously hoping and anticipating that Juno wouldn’t miss or indeed slam right into Jupiter, literally minutes after Juno entered... Read more
Scientists Are Developing a ‘Spidey Sense’
Scientists is Korea are developing a new sound and motion sensor which could soon give people and buildings the equivalent of “Spidey sense.” This is a practical application of the discovery of how spider legs function in the real world. The new technology consists of ‘crack sensors’ or nanoscale... Read more
Stephen Hawking Is Now On Facebook
In case you were looking for a new face to friend or “like” on Facebook over the weekend, you can now follow Stephen Hawking, as he has officially joined the Facebook world. It seems he thinks Facebook will allow him to have more of an impact than he already... Read more
New Battery Lasting 20 Years Takes Just Minutes to Charge!
Researchers from the Nanyang Technology University have developed a new battery that boasts a life span of over 20 years, that’s an extra 18 years more than the current lithium-ion batteries that are found in our smartphones and tablets. As well as promising to last a whole lot longer,... Read more
Scientists Step Closer to Telepathy with Successful TMS Trial
Up until now, the best way we can send data is via fibre optics, lasers and radio waves.  No doubt most of you own a Cell phone, and they are a great way to communicate with people. But what if we could send messages directly to any person we want... Read more
10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind!
Our brain is a truly amazing thing, better than any super computer out there. However, our brain can be easily tricked into seeing things that aren’t really there! Put your brain to the test with these fun optical illusions. How Many Legs Does An Elephant Have? Image 1 of... Read more
Nano Pixels: Hi Res Ultra Thin Displays Are On The Horizon
Oxford University scientists have made a new discovery that could make it possible to create pixels just a few hundred nanometres across.  This discovery could make it possible for the creation of extremely high-resolution, yet low-energy, flexible displays which are ultra thin.  The use of these nano pixel displays... Read more
Scientists Theorise Light/Matter Collider
Approximately 80 years ago, two researchers predicted there would be a method for turning light into matter in the future.  Now, 80 years later, a new team of scientists are proposing a technique, which may make that theorised method actually happen. This proposed method involves colliding two photons, the massless particles of light,... Read more
New Scientific App Created To Track Plant Virus
Scientists have created a new citizen science app for iOS and Android users that is able to track the declining incidence of papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) in Honolulu.  The scientists also believe that there is a possible increase in the incidence of PRSV-resistant genetically engineered (GE) papayas. Dr Scot Nelson... Read more
Turn Your Smartphone into A Microscope
Most of us have wished we had a decent microscope at one time or another. Whether it’s to look at some kind of an insect sample, or to just look a water sample, a portable microscope would make that a whole lot easier. Trouble is, most of us don’t... Read more
Self-Healing Muscle Grown in Lab
Biomedical engineers at Duke University have grown living skeletal muscle that resembles real tissue.  It contracts rapidly and powerfully, integrates into the host quickly and for the first time ever; it demonstrates the ability to heal itself both inside the laboratory and inside an animal. The study conducted at... Read more
Saturn Moon Has Underground Ocean
Researchers say they have identified an underground body of water that is as large as North America’s Lake Superior, on a small moon of Saturn, called Enceladus.  The water is hidden beneath nearly 25 miles of ice! The ocean was found at the south pole of the tiny moon. ... Read more
Fingerprint Analysis Pilot Study Reveals More Data Than Ever
Fingerprint analysis has been used to identify suspects since the late nineteenth century by Police departments around the world. With today’s modern technology, the Police and forensic scientists still can’t reconstruct a smudged print though. Also the Fingerprint patterns are also of little or no use when the suspect is... Read more
Infrared Contact Lenses Could Be Here Soon
A contact lens with infrared vision capabilities might seem like something that comes from a Sci-Fi writers’ mind or maybe the mind of an engineer?  In fact a group of engineers at the University of Michigan have utilised graphene to create an ‘infrared sensitive graphene sandwich.’ As a whole,... Read more
Cone Snail Venom-Based Painkiller Stronger Than Morphine
Professor David Craik of the University of Queensland, Australia has been explaining how a team of scientists have developed a series of powerful new painkillers made from the venom of snails. Five new ‘experimental’ painkillers have been created with a tiny protein found in cone snails’ venom. The substances... Read more
US Students Create Working 3D Bio-Printer
‘The youth of today’ is often spoken of with a negative connotation attached to it, but for three high school students in the US it should have a glowing report of excellence stamped squarely on the front! The students in question are, Nathan Bryant, Cameron Spicer and Thomas Worsham. ... Read more
Quantum Computing Advances With Ultracold Molecules
Scientific researchers at Purdue university have created a new kind of “ultracold” molecule.  They have done this by using lasers to cool atoms nearly to absolute zero and then splicing them together.  What is interesting about this technology is that it may be applied to fields such as quantum... Read more