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Turn Your iPhone Into A Digital Microscope For $10
How much does your average microscope cost? $45, $65, $165?  Even if you purchased it from an online retailer such as Amazon, the cost of becoming a budding scientist these days is not cheap.  That is why when someone comes up with a really cheap way of constructing something... Read more
SafeFlame Project Creates Fire From Water
A European research project has developed a portable device that makes fire from water. It doesn’t use flammable gases either and it produces its own fuel as needed!  The system works by combining Hydrogen and Oxygen at the very tip of the torch, creating a flame that is cooler and much... Read more
Million-Year Data Storage Disk Unveiled
Nanotechnologists have now designed and built a disk that can store data for a million years or more.  That time frame is almost incomprehensible compared to the current magnetic hard disks that can store data for just over a decade. Back in 1956, IBM was the first company in... Read more
Nearby Alien Planet Has “Plasma” Water
Astronomers researching the nearby alien planet called Gliese 1214 b have determined that the atmosphere of this super-Earth has an atmosphere that is water-rich, including a strange “plasma form” of water. However, the high temperature and density of the planet mean that it is drastically different from Earth. “As... Read more
DO-RA Radiation Meter For iPhone
The use of smartphone extension hardware is not a new idea, the device plugs into the headphone jack  or the USB interface on your phone and extends the phone’s use by feeding data it is designed to gather back to an app. I don’t think, however, that I have... Read more
Scientists Grow Human Heart Capable of Beating Autonomously
According to Nature Communications a team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, in the USA, has successfully grown human heart tissue capable of beating autonomously. For anyone suffering from a cardiovascular disease, or similar heart problems, this is interesting news that could one day bring the research into  transplantable replacement... Read more
Quantum Teleportation Breakthrough
Before you jump off the deep end and have visions of “Beam me up Scotty” the research is nowhere near that advanced yet!  However, we are few steps closer than you may think, as scientists from Japan and Switzerland, have produced new research developments which “could change the very... Read more
Harvard Researchers Develop Self-Cooling Windows
Have you ever been inside a building with impressive architecture and witnessed the clear, bright sunlight streaming through the windows early in the morning?  If you return to the same spot a few hours later, maybe when the sun is at its zenith, then the mood has drastically changed... Read more
Company Develops 3D Printer Foetus Models
The FASOTEC Company has developed 3D printing technology a step further to make foetus models which allow parents to see their child’s face.  The company can also make other scanned body parts and organs.  The times of grainy black and white ultrasound pictures is fading, as a Japanese company... Read more
X-Ray Vision On Your Smartphone: It May Be Possible
X-ray Vision: The Future Of Smartphones? Dina Katabi, a professor in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and graduate student Fadel Adib, used low-power Wi-Fi signals to track human movement behind walls. These researchers have created a new system that could be used in future electronic devices... Read more