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What’s the big deal about the Google Pixel 4 smartphone?
We’ve known a lot about the Google Pixel 4 for quite some time as Google seemed content to leak all the finer details. We’ve known about the new dual camera unit on the back and we’ve had a solid idea about the front screen and interesting innovations like Google’s... Read more
Removal of Comments from FileHippo News
We’re switching off comments on We are currently working hard to improve our site and the FileHippo user experience. Consequently, we’ve decided to switch off the comments feature on our news stories and main site. This will help to streamline our pages, encouraging faster loading times and better... Read more
Cuddle Mattress Makes Spooning More Comfortable
We’ve all seen the photos advertising a new mattress with the couple spooning one another and most of us will have exactly the same thought running through our minds; “they will not be like that in a few minutes!” The reality of it is that cuddling up to somebody... Read more