Until I saw the following, I thought that I could tell the difference between CGI and real video footage.  The movie industry has relied heavily upon CGI for countless films, especially the epics that have come about of late.  To be honest they do a great job, but I could always tell that a computer generated the images.

But this computer-generated rendering you are about to take a look at, looks like a real life video tour of an architectural design .  The images looked so realistic to me, I was totally blown away by the lighting and greenery. This work comes from French developer koola.  The work was undertaken using Intel and NVIDIA processors as well as Unreal Engine 4.

The work that is currently being produced using Unreal Engine 4 will blow you away.

The digital rendering you can see here first features music from Fabrizio Paterlini by the name of “Untitled (Lost Letters)”. The hardware used is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 that has been paired with an Intel i7-3770. The images all are running between 50-60fps throughout the demo.

In this first clip, you are guided around a clean and crisp construction that has some beautiful imaging.