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EMV Woes Plague Consumers, Retailers
Credit cards and debit cards are such a way of life–due to their convenience and the perception that they’re safer than carrying cash or writing a check–that “swiping it” is second nature to most Americas. But with the shift to the EMV cards that Europe has had in place... Read more
Target Adds Lower Free Shipping Minimums, Beats Out Amazon
Remember the good old days when all you had to do was spend $25 on Amazon and they shipped you your stuff for free? It was great, right? Too bad they quit doing it a while ago and instead upped the minimum order price to $35 in order to... Read more
Man Buys PS4 At Walmart & Gets A Box Of Rocks
I’ve bought plenty of video game consoles from the store in my day, including a Nintendo Gamecube, an Xbox, a PS2, and Xbox 360, etc; I know well the feelings of anticipation brought on by such a purchase. You can’t wait to get home to unbox it, hook it... Read more
Walmart Now Matches Amazon Prices
I love Amazon; believe me, I do. I love getting the low prices, cheap (or, free) shipping, plus they have just about anything a person could want. It’s the perfect “store” – you just sit on your couch and order whatever you want, and you never have to leave... Read more
Apple Pay vs CurrentC: Customers Are Always Right
The battle for mobile payments is starting to really heat up, with Apple and NFC fans in general going against the Walmart and Best Buy backed CurrentC, developed by the Merchant Customer Exchange. When CVS and Rite Aid pharmacy stores both decided to remove Apple Pay as an option... Read more
Get An iPhone 5c For Less Than $1
If you’ve been holding out to get your hands on an iPhone 5c or an iPhone 5s, there really has never been a better time than now. With September 9th and Apple’s big announcement just around the corner, it seems many stores are shuffling their inventory to make room... Read more
Walmart Drastically Cuts iPhone 5c & 5s Prices
Well, if you don’t already own an iPhone 5c or 5s, there has never been a better time to purchase one than right now. In a move that screams “something bigger is coming down the road”, Walmart has slashed their prices on the popular Apple devices. They’ve also cut... Read more
Get A New iPhone for $27 At Walmart Until Christmas Eve
If you are still looking to get someone (or yourself) a smartphone for Christmas this year, don’t panic, there is still hope for you; at least until Christmas Eve, that is. It’s normal to spend a small fortune on a smartphone, especially if you want to get the latest... Read more
Kicksend Signs Mobile Photo Printing Deal With Walmart
Photography startup Kicksend has spent the last 12 months building partnerships with retail chains such as Target, CVS and Walgreens.  With these deals the company wishes to bring its promise of dead-simple photo sharing and printing to the mass market. Presently it looks like Kicksend has another gained another notable... Read more
Walmart/Asda Offering 3D Printing Service
Shoppers will soon be able to have 3D versions of any object, up to the size of a family car, printed at WalMart/Asda stores. However, the object will, of course, be scaled down to an eight-inch figure. The shopping giant showcased the technology by taking pictures of models, before revealing... Read more