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WhatsApp Potentially Coming to Desktop
WhatsApp is available on almost every mobile platform, including discontinued platforms like Symbian and Nokia Series 40, but has never developed a web client. New reports say WhatsApp will finally come to the desktop, after five years of availability. The new web client will use OAuth, sending a message... Read more
TextSecure Protocol Now Used to Encrypt WhatsApp
Are you ever concerned that the messages you share between friends can ever be read by others? Most messaging services such as LINE and WhatsApp have more features than just text support; you can send audio and video as well. So should you be overly concerned about your data?... Read more
Apple Adds New Online Service to Deregister from iMessage
Apple will make it easier for ex-iPhone users switching to Android or Windows Phone to receive text messages, after iMessage was reportedly stopping users from receiving SMS messages on their new device. Instead of calling Apple Care to make sure the system recognizes the new smartphone, users can now... Read more
Facebook Messenger Receives Thousands Of One Star Reviews‏
Facebook has officially rolled out their solo Facebook Messenger app, forcing users to make the switch or void all messages to friends. The new push has been hit with mostly negative responses from users, resulting in a 1.5 out of 5 star rating within the first week. Negative response... Read more
When Someone Doesn’t Text Back…Hilarious Responses!
In this day and age where the latest technology is literally at our fingertips, keeping in touch with people is a breeze. The invention of instant messaging, text messages and things like FaceTime mean we can contact whoever we want, whenever we want, just at the tap of a... Read more
Twitter Adds Messaging To Vine Video App
Twitter has said that users of its Vine video app are now able to send their contacts private videos and other messages.  This is a clear indication that they are stepping up competition with Facebook in the mobile-messaging market. The new introduction means that Twitter and Facebook both now... Read more
New ‘Anti-Social’ App, Cloak, Lets You Avoid People
The whole point of social media is keep everyone connected and help you expand your number of friends and acquaintances, yet the new service named Cloak is turning the concept on its head and is aimed at helping you avoid everyone. Created by the programmer Brian Moore and the... Read more
New WhatsApp Screenshots Show Voice Calling
WhatsApp Messenger, the incredibly popular app that lets you send text messages for free looks to be getting a serious upgrade in the near future. Recent screenshots which have been leaked to the media show the WhatsApp service running on an iPhone with iOS 7 – and what’s unique... Read more
Android Security Flaw Over WhatsApp ‘Overstated’
Popular messaging service, WhatsApp, has said that their security is just fine and that rumours about their Android security vulnerability, has been ‘overstated’.  Android’s mobile operating system has an apparent flaw that researchers claim, allows cyber criminals to steal peoples’ conversations from Whatsapp. Although Whatsapp has been updated to... Read more
Nearly 5 Million People Download Telegram as Whatsapp Alternative
While WhatsApp was down over the weekend, people turned to the messaging service Telegram instead; nearly five million people signed up for the app, placing it at the top of the App Store chart. Telegram is now the number one app in the social networking category, beating WhatsApp, Facebook... Read more
WhatsApp Goes Down Following $19 Billion Facebook Buy-Out
Last week Facebook announced that it is acquiring the messaging company WhatsApp for an approximate total of $16 billion. Included in the deal is $4 billion in cash, $12 billion of Facebook shares and an extra $3 billion in restricted stock units which will be granted to WhatApp’s founders... Read more
WhatsApp for iOS Now Free to Download
It has finally happened. All that talk about the business model of instant messaging service WhatsApp has been going around for quite some time, but now, it’s official. WhatsApp for iOS is now free to download. If you’re one of those who paid $0.99 to download the app –... Read more
Viber Blocked – is WhatsApp Next?
Government Threats Saudi Arabia may block WhatsApp within weeks.  In March, Saudi officials threatened to block popular Internet messaging, call and chat services; WhatsApp, Skype and Viber if they did not comply with local government regulations.  This latest warning was issued after the Communications and Information Technology Commission blocked... Read more
WhatsApp Takes Over Mobile Messaging With 27 Billion Messages per day
At the end of 2012, estimates pointed to about 6.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide. That’s about 96 percent of the world’s population! If you’re having difficulty wrapping your head around that number, it is worth noting that “mobile subscribers” refer to the SIM cards being used, and not the number... Read more
WhatsApp Could Be Google’s Next $1 Billion Acquisition
Are you a fan of the WhatsApp platform? If Google has its way you could be using that platform with your Google username in the near future. Digital Trends on Sunday revealed that Google was in serious talks to purchase the message based platform. According to the report the team at WhatsApp... Read more
WhatsApp Now On BlackBerry 10!
Popular cross-platform messaging app, WhatsApp is now going to be available on BlackBerry 10, in spite of a previous statement from a member of the WhatsApp back in December of 2012. According to James Richardson of CrackBerry, a team member responded to his question via email by saying “We... Read more