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5 Free Messaging Apps for Windows 10
It has never been so easy to communicate via the internet. It’s getting to the point where the youth of today don’t know the difference between an SMS or MMS text. That’s because there are so many free messaging apps for us to use when we want and how... Read more
What you need to know about the WhatsApp attack
Following a huge attack on one of the most popular messaging services, users are being advised to react. News of the WhatsApp attack echoed around the world when it broke on Tuesday May 14. It is understood that hackers found a “major vulnerability” on the messaging app. They were... Read more
WhatsApp Business to add new web and desktop features to celebrate birthday
To celebrate its first birthday, WhatsApp Business has added some handy features to its desktop and web services. The WhatsApp Business features now available, via fresh web and desktop designs, have been confirmed. Published in an official blog post, the changes are hoped to speed up day-to-day business and... Read more
Germany Says Nein To WhatsApp Data Collection By Facebook
The National Data Protection Authority in Germany has moved to block the recent privacy changes made by Facebook regarding the collection of data from the recently acquired WhatsApp messenger. German authorities have also ordered Facebook to delete any of the data it has already collected for an estimated 35... Read more
Google’s New Chat App Allo Is Here…But With Less Privacy Than Previously Advertised
Say Hello to Allo, Google’s answer to WhatsApp, Viber and a host of other similar apps. It was only four months ago that Google announced two new communication apps; Duo for video calling, which launched last month, and Allo which is fresh on the market this week.   And... Read more
Facebook Changes WhatsApp Privacy Rules Despite Promises Not To
Facebook’s hope that it could relax the privacy policy of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, without kicking up a fuss, hasn’t worked, and has caused a worldwide backlash.   When Facebook bought out WhatsApp for $19 billion back in 2014, the encrypted messaging app’s CEO Jan Koum said,... Read more
Facebook Reluctantly Offers End-to-End Encryption
In this day and age of privacy invasion–whether committed by hackers or by our own governments–end-to-end encryption in a messaging platform is highly sought after. It has the power to win over long-time devotees to a competing app, for example, as WhatsApp discovered when they unveiled their e-to-e offering.... Read more
WhatsApp Gold Offer Is A Scam
The link to download WhatsApp Gold is malware that installs data mining software on your computer or smartphone. WhatsApp is arguably one of the most popular workload streamlining and communication apps, with more than one billion registered users worldwide. And the news earlier this month that WhatsApp was rolling... Read more
WhatsApp For Desktop. Better Than The Phone Version?
Last week I spent some time testing the new version of WhatsApp for desktop, and was pleasantly surprised by just how well it works. If you already use WhatsApp on your phone, or via the WebApp extension for either iOS or Windows, it’s pretty much more of the same.... Read more
WhatsApp Makes The Jump To Desktop!
Facebook’s WhatsApp has just released its Desktop App for Windows 8 (and above) and Mac OS 10.9 (and above), making it available on all major platforms. But it is undeniably great timing for them too, and good news for laptop and PC users worldwide, as they also just recently... Read more
Viber Latest Messaging Platform To Add Encryption
Viber has followed WhatsApp example and is the latest messaging platform to add end-to-end encryption for its users. If the FBI’s debacle involving an iPhone 5 has shown us anything, it’s the tech users do value their privacy. The resentment surrounding the court case to compel Apple to create... Read more
WhatsApp Switches On Encryption For A Billion Users
WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People…. As any regular reader of our news section here at FileHippo can’t but have failed to have noticed over the last 6 weeks, the ongoing legal feud between Apple and the FBI has been an omnipresent story that for a... Read more
Tech Companies Set To Increase Encryption Protocols
As the ongoing legal battle between Apple and the FBI keeps going on and on,  a host of other Silicon Valley operators have clearly signalled which side of the fence they’re sitting on. Facebook, Google, Snapchat and others are seemingly working on increasing their own encryption methods in the... Read more
WhatsApp 2.12.114 – New Free Emergency Features And Improvements
WhatsApp has been busy over the last few days releasing update after update of their instant messaging app. Today, WhatsApp 2.12.114 was released but this version is still currently in beta. Because the update is in beta, WhatsApp users cannot download the update from the Google Play Store, you... Read more
Pay Friends Through Facebook Messenger
Facebook is launching a new payments service on Messenger, allowing friends to send money to one another in a convenient way without any fees. The social network has been working on the payments service for around a year, picking up some talent from PayPal and Square. It is said... Read more
WhatsApp Security Bug: Your Profile Picture ‘Could’ Be Viewed By Anyone
It has come to light that a potential security problem found in WhatsApp could mean that anyone could see a users’ profile photos. According to security researchers, this is even ‘if’ they have been set to be viewed by friends only. The security flaw, which was located by 17-year-old... Read more
WhatsApp Launches Desktop Client
After six years of WhatsApp porting its messaging service to every conceivable mobile platform, the team has finally launched ‘WhatsApp Web’ for desktop. Users will be able to scan a QR code on their smartphone to gain access to WhatsApp Web. Since users sign-up to WhatsApp with their mobile... Read more
WhatsApp Bans Unofficial App Users
The messaging service WhatsApp is starting a ban on some users for a 24 hour period because they were sending and receiving messages via an unofficial client, which wasn’t made by WhatsApp. Many of the users that were affected were using Whatsapp+. This is one of the most popular third-party... Read more