Where’s the best place to enjoy your photos? If a poll were to be done using this question, Instagram would probably be at the bottom of the list right now. But then there are many alternatives that you can turn to, and if you’ve heard of Snapjoy, they claim to be the best place to enjoy your photos.

Dropbox buys Snapjoy

A participant in Y Combinator in the summer of 2011, Snapjoy is based out of Boulder, Colorado, which has one of the more interesting startup scenes these days. What Snapjoy does is to enable users to put together photos from the camera, mobile phones, and other photo apps (Flickr, for example). Via the iOS app or the web-based portal, users can aggregate, archive, and view their photos.

While some people may not have heard of Snapjoy yet, the very recent announcement that they have been acquired by Dropbox will certainly put the platform in the limelight.

In a blog post last week, Snapjoy declared that they have been bought by are joining the online storage platform. The Snapjoy team was quick to highlight that they have Y Combinator as a common denominator, as well as them having nothing but admiration for Dropbox.

Perhaps the most important points raised in the announcement are, following the acquisition:

  1. Snapjoy will not be accepting new users;
  2. Existing users can continue using Snapjoy. In short, if you used the platform before it was acquired, your photos remain safe and sound.

On Dropbox’s part, there does not seem to be any comments about Snapjoy. They do have an updated iOS app, though. Welcoming Snapjoy into the fold, however, is a clear indication that Dropbox is not going to be left behind in this photo-centric world. The company already expanded not too long ago by dipping its feet into the music storage business with its acquisition of Audiogalaxy, so it does make sense that they also make a foray into photos.

It’s clear as day: Dropbox will become even more a complete online storage/sharing solution for the average person. If it isn’t already.

[Image via TechCrash]