Twitter has gone the way of Instagram, debuting its very own photo filters powered by the Aviary photo platform. News of the new photo filters arrives just after Instagram pulled its full photo support from the Twitter social network.

The new platform is powered by Aviary, the same company behind the popular photo editing suite known as SDK.

Using the new platform provides users with several interesting photo editing options including the ability to choose between eight filters that include black & white, vintage and others.

Aviary-Powered Photo Filters For Smartphones

Twitter has also added a bird’s-eye view format which shows users what their photo would like like in a single grid view and with swipe through looks for option comparisons. By using the grid view users can literally see what each of the eight possible filters will look like without actually implementing any type of changes.

Once a photo is uploaded to the new Twitter photo filters users can also crop and pinch to zoom if focus is needed on certain aspects of a photo.

Finally Twitter has added auto-enhance features that can balance light, sweeten or dull colors and more with the simple tap of a magic wand feature.

Twitter Photo Filters


Twitter has not revealed why it chose to use a company that already powers many popular photo editing suites on the internet. Facebook purchased a popular photo filtering and social networking service so it could own the rights to its photo filtering platform, a filtering process that isn’t exactly the toughest nut to crack. It could be that Twitter simply wanted to compete quickly in a space that was becoming quickly crowded thanks to Instagram and the recently launched Facebook mobile photo filters.

According to Aviary it has been working with Twitter for several months to put into place a competent system that users would enjoy and find easy to operate right out of the box.

[Image via Mental Breeze]