Are you a fan of the WhatsApp platform? If Google has its way you could be using that platform with your Google username in the near future.

Digital Trends on Sunday revealed that Google was in serious talks to purchase the message based platform. According to the report the team at WhatsApp is playing hardball with the search giant. The company is believed to be asking for $1 billion for its platform and a talent acquisition.

WhatsApp has become a powerhouse application in a very short period of time. The company chose to skirt ad spaces and instead began offering its service for just $1 per year. The company now claims to be collecting upwards of $100 million in annual revenue.


Google is currently working on the Google Babble platform, a system that is suppose to tie together Google services. For example, Google would like to connect Google Voice, Google Talk and its other platforms into an easy to develop system. By purchasing WhatsApp the search giant could ultimately create its unified chat service more quickly.

The deal is far from over, according to sources WhatsApp is demanding a higher acquisition because it knows Google needs the type of platform it offers.

The insider also says WhatsApp caught Google’s eye in December 2012, the same time as when Facebook first approached the company to discuss a possible acquisition.

Google would receive a competent system if the deal goes through. The WhatsApp platform is available in 100 countries and through December 31, 2012 it had sent 18 billion messages. The WhatsApp platform is the number one downloaded app in more than 100 of the countries it serves.

Do you think a Google acquisition of WhatsApp will ultimately help the search giant in its efforts to create a more unified chat system? Will you keep using WhatsApp if it is taken over by Google?