Apple has been granted a new patent that could make it possible for Apple to use location data from your iPhone or iPad, which is then fed to automated systems informing it of your whereabouts.

So why would we use that you may ask? Well picture the scene. You’ve had a rough day in the office and are desperate to get back to your cosy home and enjoy a good meal. Imagine walking through your front door to find the lights have been switched on, the oven is already warming up and the heating has come on, giving your home that lovely toasty feel.

Apple Patents System To Control Your Home Using Location Data

Well with Apple’s new patented system all of this is possible. It works based on your location, so once you exit or enter a pre-determined location other actions are triggered. It doesn’t just alert you to something but could potentially turn an entire household or office on or off in preparation for your arrival or exit.

The patent describes a system that not only uses the information of your whereabouts but also gathers information on what activities you are taking part in along the way. This helps make the whole system more accurate in determining exactly when you will arrive. The data is collected either at regular intervals from devices like an iPhone or from fixed remote devices like keycard receivers.

What Apple really wants to achieve is a home automation system that can anticipate your needs and responds to these without your input, operating at maximum efficiency.

The tech company already has all the necessary devices in place for such a system to work but what could take time is for users to determine whether they want to pay the cost of setting up such an infrastructure.

It is an interesting route for Apple to take and certainly gives us an insight into where it wants to go with iOS.

[Image via noushouse]