Okay, now this is just plain weird. Sony has patented and created all kinds of technology in the past, and most of it made sense. Now, however, they’ve done something that makes no sense to any of us. They have patented a SmartWig. Yes, you read that right – a SmartWig. Whether this will only be used by those unfortunate folks who need a wig is unknown at the moment. Actually, there’s a lot of unknowns about this Sony SmartWig. The first unknown is this: why? With all of the great things out there in the tech world, why in the world would Sony want to develop a smart hair piece?

Sony Patents A SmartWig

A Hairy Situation

Well, apparently Sony believes that we protect our heads more than any of our other body parts, so it naturally makes sense to start putting advanced technology where it would be safest. And this begs the question, just what kind of technology would be in the SmartWig?

To begin with, some kind of a small circuit board would be hidden within the wig allowing it to connect to a pair of Smartglasses or even a Smartphone, causing the wig to vibrate whenever a notification is received. I guess a phone vibrating in a pocket is a thing of the past. Oh well, things can’t stay the same forever.

Sony has been testing out their SmartWig on the small scale by using them in presentations where a speaker can touch his/her sideburns and advance the screen to the next slide. I’m sorry, I’m all for new technology, but who wants to wear a SmartWig just so they can touch their sideburns instead of using a remote to change slides?

Smartphone, Smartwatch, Smart TV…SmartWig? We will have to wait and see if Sony ends up putting their SmartWig on the market. But I for one don’t think this will be on anyone’s Black Friday shopping lists next year.

[Image via CyberShack]

SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2013/11/21/sony-smartwig-patent/