Windows Phone users can finally capture those all important moments, in six-second bursts, as Vine for Windows Phone has finally been rolled out.  In a similar manner to the Android and iOS apps, Windows Phone users can just tap and hold the screen to begin filming a short video of their wonderful life for the world to see.

Vine For Windows Phone

The software has built-in camera tools, such as grid, focus, and the recently introduced ghost feature (introduced over the summer) with the ability to “re-vine” a video.  All these features allow the user to take full advantage of their Windows Phone’s front- and rear-facing cameras.  Users can also use the Explore feature to search for posts or browse various channels and find friends already on Vine.  Following Twitter’s 2012 acquisition of video startup Vine, the site launched its version of the app in January, first on the iOS platform and then later on Android. During last month’s Nokia event, the micro-blogging company revealed plans to bring Vine to its Windows Phone-based devices “soon.”   Windows Phone users have the option to pin their favourite Vine accounts to their Live Tiles home screen. The Microsoft platform allows for multitasking with the Pivots feature.

“We love to see what each person contributes to Vine, and we’re excited to welcome Windows Phone users to the community,” designer Ryan Swigart wrote in a blog post.  The application has been made available for download in the Windows Phone marketplace.

Twitter Launches Vine for Windows Phone

Vine hopes that their patience has paid off. Windows Phone owners will get the most recent version of the app, which includes the new Sessions and Time Travel features.   In other news, both Flipboard and Instagram are also expected to launch their products on the Windows Phone platform soon.

[Image via websonic & wpcentral]