It’s really hard to read about this story and not bust out laughing. It’s even harder to write about this story without laughing uncontrollably. And, sadly to say, it’s hard to feel bad for this unfortunate woman. What unfortunate woman, you ask? Let me explain.

A young woman in her mid-20’s recently happened to be walking along the St. Kilda Pier in Melbourne, Australia. While she was walking, she was also busy multitasking. She was making sure one foot followed the other foot, she was remembering to breathe, and she was also catching up on her Facebook news with her smartphone. Somewhere in the middle of doing all of those things at the same time, she walked right off of the pier and fell feet-first into Port Philip Bay. I don’t know what she was reading about on her newsfeed, but one can bet that it didn’t have anything to do with walking on water.

Woman Walks Off Pier While Looking At Facebook

Is This Just A 1 Time Incidence?

You would hope so, but no. It seems like Facebook is causing all kinds of people to fall into water or run into things on a fairly regular basis these days. This makes me ask – are we as a society becoming way too glued to Facebook? Now don’t get me wrong – I have a Facebook account and I use it regularly. But I have never fallen into the sea or almost been hit by a bus while I was updating my status. Have you?

It seems to me like we might want to push pause on Facebook before it completely consumes our entire lives. (Or, we at least need to set some healthy limits for ourselves…or make sure not to look at it too much while we’re walking near the edge of a pier).

Has looking at Facebook ever caused you to do something embarrassing?

Don’t worry – the young woman was rescued and is fine. So is her phone.

[Image via digitallifeplus]