I remember, a very long time ago when I was at school, I had the opportunity to learn a foreign language.  I really wanted to learn Spanish, however the forces of darkness (my school education authority) decided that there weren’t enough students who wanted to learn Spanish and I was forced to learn German.  Yes, I said forced because by the time the school had pulled their finger out, the option to learn French was long gone. Fluent Forever And so the great and arduous journey of learning a new language began.  23 years later,  I can comfortably order a beer and a meal and book myself into the local hotel for the night.  All in the worst German dialect that you can possibly imagine! For the rest of you out there, maybe a little help is required in order to learn a new language properly. There is a man who has made it a mission to assist you.  Gabriel Wyner is an opera singer by profession, who would like to help you fulfil your goal of learning all the tricky nuances of learning a new foreign language.  He has created a training app called Fluent Forever, which is currently on crowdfunding site Kickstarter.

Fluent Forever is a pronunciation trainer app and accompanying book to help novice language students push themselves over the edge of fluency in a second language. The app works by training your ear to listen for all the fine distinctions in similar-sounding words that occur in other languages that would normally leave you mystified. Wyner began his journey down the language-learning path in order to be able to sing a wider selection of operas, but the technique used is completely suited for anyone who basically wants to have a conversation with someone from another country who speaks a different language. Check out the website and if you like what you see, then head over to the campaign! where you can donate some of your hard earned  money towards his Kickstarter project and learn a new language in a new way.

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SOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/gabriel-wyner-fluent-forever-kickstarter-2013-12