Anyone who has boarded a plane in the days since 9/11 has probably gotten just a tad bit irritated with the TSA officials. We have to show up for our flight 2 hours early, we have to wait in a huge security line, and then we have to put all of our belongings in a little tub and watch them get x-rayed down a conveyor belt. And, if we are really lucky, we get randomly picked to go through an additional security checkpoint. And if we’re being honest, some of those TSA officials aren’t always the friendliest people in the airport. But, whether they’re friendly or not, or whether we realize it or not, they do all of us an essential service everyday and we should all be grateful for what they prevent from getting on our flights.

You probably wouldn’t believe some of the things people have tried to bring on an airplane. Gizmodo recently published a list of some of the weirdest objects that TSA has found and kept on the ground…just in the year 2013.

Look What TSA Stopped From Getting On Your Airplane In 2013

Prepare To Be Blown Away By The List…

According to Gizmodo, TSA screened a whopping 638,705,790 passengers in 2013. And of those millions of people, some of them tried to bring some pretty strange items with them aboard their flights. Thank the Lord they didn’t get past security. The following items are just a few of the items TSA kept grounded:

One of my favorite items was a large mace. (Yes, I am talking about a medieval mace). I would’ve loved to see the person toting that around. TSA found 1477 guns that were fully loaded, more knives than you can count, a hairspray can that decided to explode while it was being checked at security, Ninja Stars, a tactical spike, tons of grenades, C4, a bazooka round from World War 2, and to top off the list – parts of a human skull.

I hope some of these items are as hard for you to believe as they were for me to believe. What kind of idiot thinks they’re going to get these onto an airplane? And what do you say when that TSA official pulls out your mace? “Uh, that’s not mine…I don’t know how that got in there…”

Look What TSA Stopped From Getting On Your Airplane

Way to go, TSA. Thanks for keeping the skies friendly, and not letting that on board. Ouch is all I can say.

[Images via Gizmodo]