Wearable tech is the next big thing. That’s the general consensus. The question, however, is who will make that big leap from a brilliant idea into a practical, realistic, and usable device. Even Google Glass doesn’t seem to have a huge chance of making it big – at least in the next 12 months. Still, with the Consumer Electronics Show coming up, predictions and speculations are already rife, especially in regard to wearable tech.

wearable tech

If you’re up for a slew of wearable tech, then your eyes should be glued to the events in CES 2014, which happens next week in Las Vegas. It looks like smartwatches are still going to be the main “wow-ers”, with familiar names such as Pebble, Cookoo, and Neptune Pine leading the fray. And, just to emphasize how much importance is given to smartwatches this year, there is a dedicated section for them called the WristRevolution. I get the wrist part, but I am not so sure about the revolution! I can only hope that someone finally gets the smartwatch right.

Of course, smartglasses are also part of the show. If you’re not all that into Google Glass, there will be alternatives, Epson offering one of them.

Last, but not the least, are fitness and activity trackers. Manufacturers of these devices are way ahead of the above two, and this is perhaps going to be the most exciting thing to follow in CES (in terms of wearable tech), if only because the possibility of high performing gadgets is higher. We’re supposed to see the likes of Basis, which boasts new Advanced Sleep Analysis. (If it has something that actually makes you fall asleep, shut up and take my money, I say!)

Countless eyes will be on wearable tech next week, with the hopes that we will be wowed. What are your expectations? Do you think we’ll see something really revolutionary?

[Image via Digital Trends]