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Ex Google Employee Owns For One Minute
A former Google employee by the name of Sanmay Ved managed to become the new owner of for the bargain basement price of just $12. On the 29th September, Mr Ved was idly browsing Google domains when he noticed that itself was available to buy. While Ved... Read more
Google Glass Isn’t Dead, Under Commercial Development
When Google Glass was removed from the Google store in December, many thought it was the end of the augmented reality device, but chairman Eric Schmidt claims it is just the beginning of Glass. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Schmidt confirms Nest Labs are now in... Read more
Google Ceases Glass Sales, but is the Wearable Dead?
It had to happen someday, I just thought that it would take while longer than it has done. Google has made the decision to put the current Glass programme on the shelf. The company will stop producing the wearable “in its present form.” Although Google has apparently decided to end... Read more
New Mothers Use Google Glass To Help Monitor Babies
The news regarding Google Glass has stagnated at the moment. Nobody has been attacked in a bar for wearing them or nobody has been ordered by staff to remove them from the cinema. Well, when I say ‘no one’ I mean sure, there could have been some people which... Read more
Google Glass to Get Intel Chip in 2015
Reports are circling that microchip manufacturer, Intel, will be suppling a new chip for a the latest version of Google Glass. The new version of Glass will be available in 2015, according to news reports. The new chip will replace the current one that is made by Texas Instruments. ... Read more
NFL Teams Are Using Google Glass To Prepare For 2014 Season
You can do all kinds of neat things with Google Glass, such as using it to take pictures and video, get directions, view the weather, and see all of your calendar appointments for the day. You can also use it to help become a better NFL team – at... Read more
[Readers Poll] Google Glass – Would You Buy It?
At last, after months of waiting, Google Glass is finally becoming more widely available. But wait – does anyone actually want to buy one?! So over to you TechBeat readers, here’s your chance to have your say and tell us what you really think about Google Glass! FYI –... Read more
Google Glass & The Elderly – A Hilarious Combination!
Google Glass seems to be able to generate a wide array of reactions from those who have the chance to use one. In their latest YouTube video, the Fine Bros set out to discover what the elderly generation think of the controversial smart glasses. In the video you’ll see... Read more
High-Tech Glasses To Rival Google Glass
It feels like we’ve been talking about Google Glass for a long time, so much so that you would be forgiven for thinking there is nothing more to say on the subject. Yet there are other high-tech smart glasses out there, all of which can do things Google Glass... Read more
Google X Projects – The Ones That Made It & Those That Didn’t
For anyone who doesn’t already know, Google X is Google’s top-secret lab that has been responsible for Google Glass, weather balloons that provide internet connections to the remotest parts of the world and self-driving cars. The team of engineers who work in Google X are tasked with thinking not... Read more
Smart Rifle Paired With Google Glass
Have firearms’ companies taken technology too far?  All technology can be used for the greater good or for the greater evil.  Google Glass is just one of the latest in wearable technology that is on offer to the public. A Gun company has recently paired up a gun with... Read more
Police in Dubai To Get Google Glass
Do you always pay attention to how you drive? Personally I do actually try to keep my speed in check, but there is always the local law enforcement to ensure we all drive safely and within the speed limit. If you live in Dubai, however, you will need to... Read more
New Google Glass App Emotient Reads Your Emotions
Google Glass has received a massive amount of publicity since its inception by the minds Google engineers.  Now whether that publicity is good or bad, you cannot deny that the applications of this piece of wearable technology are far reaching.  There are many things that you could use Glass... Read more
This Wearable Device Sits Discreetly On Your Ear
Kazuhiro Taniguchi from the Hiroshima City University has developed a new wearable technology device but it is rather more inconspicuous than Google Glass, being worn on your ear rather than directly on your face. The prototype device, which Taniguchi has named Ear Switch, has an interface that uses infrared... Read more
Google Gives Instructions On How NOT To Be A Glasshole
The term Glasshole has been defined as “someone who doesn’t use Google Glass in a socially acceptable manner.” It seems that Google is keen to quash the idea that anyone wearing Glass would be socially unacceptable and therefore has published a list of DO’s and DON’TS for people donning... Read more
Samsung Announces Black Edition Galaxy S4
The long rumoured Samsung Black Editions of the Galaxy S4 mini and the Galaxy S4 have now at long last, become a reality. Samsung announced the device on Friday last week.  The devices are now available in select global markets. The Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy S4 Black Editions are the... Read more
Look Less Of A “Glasshole” in New Google Glass Designs
Google has made a change to its Google Glass device to make you look, well, less of a “glasshole”. The company has released four new frame designs which include: Bold, Curve, Thin and Split. The range has been named the Titanium Collection and actually look more like a normal... Read more
Samsung Set To Unveil ‘Galaxy Glass’ This September
The Korea Times reports that Samsung is in the process of creating a product to rival Goolge Glass. Anonymous officials from the company claim that “Galaxy Glass”, could be unveiled at the September’s IFA event in Berlin. At last year’s IFA, Samsung debuted the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. One of... Read more