‘Winocm’ is a well-known hacker of iOS and OS X. He is responsible for single-handedly rewriting the core of both these operating systems.  He did this to allow them to be ported to other devices.  ‘Winocm’ has contributed to various jailbreak applications for iPhones, but it seems as though he may go further into the annals of Apple than ever before, as he has announced, via Twitter, that he will be joining Apple as an intern or an employee later in the year.

Apple Hackers Think Different

The programmer/hacker, known only as “winocm,” is 17 years old but already he is an expert in reverse-engineering code. He says he has been doing “insane things” with the cores of both iOS and OS X.

The role for ‘winocm’ is unspecified, but as he had reverse-engineered iOS and OS X for porting, you would think that he would be happy anywhere within the security framework at Apple.  I’m sure that the position will be just as taxing as jail breaking any iOS device.

‘Winocm’ is known for performing coding feats that were exceptional pieces of work, such as; porting the kernel of iOS onto a Nokia N9000, thereby creating what amounted to an open-source version of that operating system at a command-line level.

He has also recently contributed to an iOS 6 jailbreak for older models of iPhone, and informed Cult of Mac that the work he does by himself usually requires a full team of engineers. “It’s really complex and hellish stuff,” he said. “I had to basically do exactly what Apple did when they were making iPhone OS originally.”

Winocm declined to reveal exactly what his role at Apple will be, but it likely has to do with security,  ironically shutting up the flaws that allow the code for jail breaking to be inserted into iOS devices in the first place!

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