The supersonic S-512 jet by Spike Aerospace is still in the concept stage but it has been revealed that when the plane does take to the skies, buyers should expect to have no windows. Instead the copany has announced that it plans to use super-thin embedded displays, rather than the traditional cabin windows, giving passengers a panoramic view of the external environment.

S-512 supersonic jet

The private jet will feature an array of external cameras that will show the outside view, however passengers will be able to choose whether they look at static images, pre-recorded footage or the current view.

The reason for abandoning the traditional window is to reduce weight, as normally windows need extra structural support. Spike Aerospace have designed the S-512 to reach speeds of 1,370 mph so weight is a key issue.

Designed by a team made up of former Airbus, Boeing and Gulfstream engineers, this luxury jet with a price tag of $80 million boasts a flight time of three hours for a trip from New York to London. It is scheduled to start the manufacturing process in 2018 but for now the company is re-tooling the design before it spends two years producing prototypes and testing.

[Image via Spike Aerospace]