The big tech companies are constantly battling to come out on top, striving to gain the majority market share with their products. The technology research firm Gartner had made predictions that Apple would keep its hold on the tablet market until 2015. However, a new study by the company has revealed that Android has taken the lead, leaving Apple way behind.


The figures show that in 2013, Android boasted a 62-percent market share, while iOS had just 36-percent. Overall, tablets running Google’s operating system saw an increase in sales and Gartner claims that the surge in cheaper, smaller screen devices is what’s behind Android’s success.

Another firm not to be overlooked in all of this, is Samsung. Although it only has a 19.1-percent share of the tablet market, the company actually grew by 336 percent last year. Microsoft too has seen modest growth but has just a 2.1-percent of the market.

So hats off to Android for being the new market leader. It will be interesting to see how the other firms up their game; let the battle commence.

[Image via Oh My Geek]