Google Glass has received a massive amount of publicity since its inception by the minds Google engineers.  Now whether that publicity is good or bad, you cannot deny that the applications of this piece of wearable technology are far reaching.  There are many things that you could use Glass for and one such use is an application that is currently in development by a company called Emotient

Emotient has freshly raised $6 million in funding for the development of their new app which can tell what people are feeling.  This may seem the same as controversial facial recognition applications that have been in the news previously, but the difference between full on facial recognition and this is quite a lot.  This app only uses a minimal level of facial recognition. Emotient seeks to help Glass users to make sense of the puzzle that is human emotions.

Google Glass Emotion Awareness

The Emotient app is not necessarily marketed at normal Glass owners though, as it seems, the firm wants to market the use to corporations rather than the public.  Emotient CEO Ken Denman was quoted in a press release as saying that “All good business leaders know ‘you get what you measure’, and being able to objectively and accurately monitor customer sentiment allows retail teams to build plans and tactics to win.”  Denman followed that with a statement regarding the benefits of gauging human sentiment and how it relates to the ability to drive focus and sales.

Would this be a tool to help sales people do their jobs more efficiently or if the app were released for general public use, could it prove useful for those people with problems reading people’s emotions? With privacy concerns ever growing over use/misuse of Google Glass in public locations, it may serve as a instrument that alerts the user to a negative outcome in a particular location, thereby allowing them to steer clear of any negative conflicts

What do you think about the development of this particular application?  If you have any sensible comments regarding this story, please leave your comments in the section below.

[Image via androidandme]