Hot on the heels of the news that Microsoft Office for Mac is finally going to get an update this year, news that implies Microsoft is going after Evernote has come out. Everyone knows that the competition in the note-taking app scene is as tough as can be, and every time an app is released, its chances of achieving success are not too high.


But that’s not about to deter Microsoft in an attempt to gain more users and continue keeping up with the times – and competitors. In any case, Microsoft’s OneNote is one of the old timers in the scene and is actually one of the more popular ones. The thing is, while OneNote has been available on Windows, iOS, and Android, Mac users haven’t had the pleasure of using it on their desktops.

That’s about to change, though, as the word is that Microsoft’s OneNote is going to be made available to Mac users:

“We understand that Microsoft will release the OneNote for Mac app for free, and the company is also planning to make the Windows desktop version available at no extra cost. This marks a significant change in the way Microsoft manages OneNote, unbundling it fully from the cost of Office. We’re told part of this free approach is targeted at competitors like Evernote, but Microsoft is also adding additional features to entice people away from the competition.”

With talks about Microsoft working on a free version of Windows 8.1, it looks like the company is going to great lengths to make its products more attractive to an even wider audience.

Not only does Microsoft plan on releasing OneNote for Mac, but it also has additional features in mind. You know how you can copy and paste web pages on Evernote? This is supposed to be integrated in OneNote as well. So yes, Microsoft is stepping up.

Are you a OneNote user, or do you prefer Evernote?

[Image via Lifehacker]