If you own an iPhone and are a even a little security conscious then listen up. The Kwikset’s Kevo Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt is a very cool piece of home security tech.

It wasn’t going to be long before someone invented an intelligent Bluetooth-enabled lock and to be fair, it is rather a neat idea.  In today’s society, crime is on the increase and home automation devices are becoming an increasing market.

The Internet enabled home or ‘Smart House’ is not far away from mainstream and the Kwikset Kevo is the kind of device, which speeds up the process.


Kevo is able to be installed either on a brand new door or it can be fitted for a door that already has a deadbolt installed. The instructions for installation are standard and anyone with an inkling of skills will be up and running with this device in no time at all.

The box comes with all of the Kevo hardware that is required. Once fitted, the outside of the door looks like a standard deadbolt lock, but it actually has a ring of status LEDs built into it.  Also the outside of the lock is touch-sensitive. On the inside of the unit is a very small box which contains the electronics and a motor, which operates the lock and also a manual  locking lever.

The free Kevo app is easy to operate and you will be guided through creating an account on MyKevo.com. The app and lock does require you to have either; an iPhone 4s or newer, a fifth-generation iPod touch, a third-generation iPad or newer, or an iPad mini.

Each Kevo lock comes with at two eKeys, these are encrypted electronic keys, which are set up with the application. Currently, new owners may get five extra eKeys. So if you need to let a friend have temporary access to your house? You can send them an eKey via email.  Once they are done you can then then disable that key.  As they device is both digital and ‘analogue’ there are two regular keys included also.The system does have a few neat features, such as the ability to see a full history of all the actions that are associated with a lock. You may receive notifications when a specific user opens a certain lock at a particular time.

If you loose your iPhone then you really do need to visit the MyKevo website, log in you’re your account and then disable or delete that phone.

The Kevo is available in satin nickel, polished brass, or Venetian bronze and costs $219.

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[Image via sfcitizen]

SOURCE: http://www.tuaw.com/2014/04/30/kwikset-kevo-using-your-iphone-to-lock-and-unlock-doors?