After the FAA released some new rules regarding the use of drones this week, many people who were looking forward to Amazon’s delivery drone service became scared that the service had been grounded for good. After the FAA’s actions, many must’ve reached out to Amazon for a comment, because a spokesperson for them did issue a statement saying that what the FAA had released had nothing to do with them. She stated that the FAA was speaking about those who fly drones as a hobby, and not those who would use them for a commercial purpose, such as Amazon.

That’s a sigh of relief, because I for one am seriously looking forward to the day when I can order something small and have it within a half-hour or so delivered via air to my doorstep.

Amazon Is One Step Closer To Drone Delivery

Even though these specific FAA regulations didn’t concern Amazon and their use of delivery drones, there will be FAA regulations in the future (probably in 2015) which will concern them specifically. Amazon doesn’t seem too worried, though, as they’ve already gone through several phases of the design process for their drones.

So, fans of Amazon’s future delivery drone service can breathe easy…at least for now.

[Image via Yahoo]