A 27-year old Canadian skydiver has released footage of the moment his parachute failed, sending him into a violent spin as he plummeted towards the ground. The terrifying event occurred during a routine skydive over Wilton, south west of Sydney and was recorded on a GoPro headcam. After leaping from the plane at 14,000ft, the Canadian’s parachute became entangled but thankfully, due to his quick thinking and reaction, he was able to cut away the parachute and deploy his reserve. You can see from the video that he was left with just seconds before landing on the ground.

The skydiver, who doesn’t want to be named was no amateur, with almost 2,000 previous jumps under his belt, however he explained that his Velocity 96 high-performance chute has been connected incorrectly. Due to the three-ring release system that features in all modern parachutes, he was able to quickly cut-away and avoid death.


“Everyone has jokingly been telling me for months that I was going to have a bad cutaway – so when it twisted up on me I thought ‘Now they’re all going to laugh at me’,” he said. “‘But I took my time, as you can see in the video, I worked out all the scenarios, and then fixed it before my time ran out.”

Anyone else might have been put off skydiving after that ordeal but not this 27-year old. He got back up straight away and completed two more jumps that same day.