It seems like wherever you go, the public transportation system is a little boring and routine. You’ve got your subways, buses, taxis, etc., without all that much variety. I’ve never really been too excited to ride the bus – I was excited the first time I rode on a subway in New York City, but that excitement died down pretty quickly after I rode car after car after car. And the rats in between the tracks – yeah, they didn’t do too much for me either. Even though most public transportation here in the United States is a bit stagnant, Israel’s getting ready to try out something that I think can give public transportation the facelift it needs: hover cars. That’s right, everyone – hover cars. They look a little like subway cars, but they basically “hang” in the air with the aid of magnetic tracks. Check Out Israel's Hover Cars! Skytran (a company from NASA) is getting ready to build a pilot loop that will stretch for 500 meters at Israel’s Aerospace Industries. If (and when) this is successful, there are plans to build a much larger “track” in Tel Aviv. Passengers will be able to request a hover car with their smartphone and they’ll also be able to input destination information. Eventually, Skytran hopes these cars will travel at speeds of up to 149 MPH. I don’t know about you, but I think this could really make the morning and evening commute to and from work all that more fun of an experience. Skytran hopes to be up and going in its test phase by the end of 2015. What do you think? Let us know you thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below! [Image via Techspot] SOURCE: Techspot