Even though Batman V. Superman isn’t being released in movie theaters until March of 2016, that’s not stopping it from generating more and more popularity and curiosity every day. First, it was that picture of Ben Affleck as Batman that the internet world immediately dubbed #sadbatman. He did look a little depressed when I think about it. Then there was the really short teaser released from a Comic Con that got fans super excited. The clip showed Batman switching on the Bat Signal only to light up Superman in the sky who looked like he was about to blast Batman with his heat vision. For as short as it was, it was a really exciting clip. But now, fans everywhere are excited about the Batmobile which will be used in the movie. Some fans even took some set photos and posted them online. Not happy with the quality of the photos, director Zack Snyder released an official photo from his Twitter account. Check out the photo of the Batmobile below.

Batman V. Superman Batmobile Released!

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SOURCE: The Verge