There’s been a lot of talk in the air (pun intended) about delivering goods using drones. From Amazon to Google, companies have not been shy going public with their interest in the unmanned flying technology. When Amazon will actually get the clearance to use drones to deliver your packages is anyone’s guess, but a small town in Germany is about to become the first place in Europe to receive drone deliveries. Beginning this Friday, DHL is going to begin providing drone delivery services to the island of Juist. I don’t know what comes to your mind when you imagine what these drones will be delivering, but DHL states they will contain medical supplies for the island when the supplies aren’t able to be delivered via other methods.

As part of the regulations, the drones aren’t allowed to fly over any houses while en route, and the trips will take approximately 30 minutes each way.

Drone Deliveries From DHL Are Starting In Germany!

This could be the beginning of something very exiting throughout the world – using unmanned aircraft to deliver packages to people all over the world. No longer would impassable roads, unpredictable mail service, or other difficulties get in the way of people receiving goods.

What do you think? Are you excited for all of the possibilities this brings to the world, or do you see it as a potential danger? Let us know all of your thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below!

[Image via Consumerist]

SOURCE: The Verge