It seems you can’t visit any tech website without reading something about drones. Most of them all seem to say much the same thing: they’re awesome, they’ll be delivering your goods soon, they’re going to help make better movies, and they’re all kinds of fun to use. And while I agree with all of those things, I’ve recently become slightly bored with the whole drone’s topic – until I stumbled across a video where a hawk decided to take on a drone. It was just hovering in the air, recording some aerial video, when a random hawk felt threatened by its presence and decided to do something about it.

Hawk Vs. Drone: Who Wins?

One minute, the drone’s buzzing away doing its thing, and the next it’s plummeting toward the ground. Have a look below for yourself.

Hawk: 1 Drone: 0

Something tells me we’re going to have to start equipping our drones with anti-hawk protection. What do you think? Is that not one of the best things you’ve ever watched?

[Image via 7online]