Will.i.am cannot stop hopping into the tech circle, with his camera accessory for the iPhone 5 and job as Director for “Creative Innovation” at Intel, he is trying to make headway with the tech fans, but his first product flopped.

The Black Eyed Peas front-runner is back, this time with a smartwatch to take on the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices. Will.i.am has been showing the new device off on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and on his own live show, where he DJ’ed on his watch.

will.i.am smartwatch

It is certainly an interesting device, especially with Will.i.am not showing it off in public. He claims the watch will be able to work without a pairing phone, it will also import songs and apps from Bluetooth or WiFi connection, no word on whether it will run on cellular 3G/4G LTE.

The design of the watch will feature a 1.5-inch curved display, making it more fitness band with LCD than smartwatch. Still, Will.i.am is confident the smartwatch will be able to compete against the top-end devices, enlisting the help of UK firm 7digital.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be available on the smartwatch, alongside a DJ app of some description. We expect 7digital has imported a library of apps from a popular store, either Google Play or Kindle, or they have added HTML5 versions of the app.

Will.i.am will unveil the smartwatch in San Francisco, the home of tech, later this week. No word on the price, but given that the camera accessory for the iPhone 5 was overly expensive, we might see Will.i.am slap another “premium” price tag on the smartwatch.