You know, carrying keys around everywhere can be a real pain when you stop to think about it. There’s always the chance that you’ll lose them, obviously, and if you have a ton of keys on a keyring, sometimes it can take forever to locate the right key, especially if multiple keys look identical. And even though they’re strong, don’t think that keys can’t break on you. (Take it from someone who had a car key break off in the ignition of a car). But more than anything else, carrying keys around is just a hassle. So what’s the solution? Bionic implants, of course! No, I’m completely serious. Apparently, people are already having surgeries where they’re getting tiny chips implanted into their bodies so that they don’t have to carry keys and keycards around with them everywhere they go. One woman in particular, a 25-year-old from Sweden, recently had a chip implanted into her hand so she doesn’t have to use a keycard to open the doors at her workplace. Either she has to open a lot of doors, or she just wants to get moving with the future, which she already claims is here. (Let’s hope she doesn’t decide to change jobs any time soon).

This Woman Got A Bionic Implant To Replace Her Keys

The idea behind the chip is fairly simple, I guess – all you have to do is place the hand with the chip in front of a scanner, and theoretically the door opens up! If it turns out to be successful in an office setting, one can only imagine how far reaching the implications of these implants could be in years down the road. Just think about it for a moment – apartment buildings, houses, hospitals, the list goes on and on – anywhere that uses a keycard system could potentially use biometrics to give door access to approved persons.

It’s unknown at this time how much this bodily “upgrade” will cost, but the above mentioned woman, along with some fifty other people, received the operation for free at a conference in Sweden.

What do you think? Do you think we’ll all be going bionic in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via YourNewsWire]