As someone who was a teenager/young adult within the past couple of decades, I spent my fair share of time listening to Creed’s music. In fact, songs like Higher and With Arms Wide Open were some of the biggest songs on the radio during my high school tenure. I owned every CD Creed ever put out (with the exception of their “comeback” CD some years ago), and at one point even contemplated going to one of their concerts; that one didn’t work out, but I got over it eventually. At one point in time, Creed was one of the biggest names in the music industry, but then they went their separate ways. Many seemed to blame singer Scott Stapp and his alleged ego over the breakup, as many of the other band members formed a different band and continued to play music together. Long story short, the band broke up, Stapp released a Christian rock album, things seemed to be going well for him, and then he apparently had some drug addiction issues and hit rock bottom. It seems he rebounded from those earlier problems, only to have allegedly fallen into them once again. Over the weekend, Stapp released a pretty weird and cryptic message to fans on his Facebook page. (The video has since been removed from his page).

Creed Singer Cries Out For Help Using Facebook

The video claimed he was broke, homeless, and currently living in a hotel “…by the grace of God.” He also stated that he’d had some audits done of his finances and realized that a lot of money had been taken from him. Stapp’s wife, who has filed for divorce from the singer, has previously stated that he’s become paranoid due to his high levels of drug use. For what it’s worth, he claims to have maintained his sobriety and says he’s able to prove it in the video, which you can watch in its entirety below.

We all knew Facebook was used for all kinds of different purposes, and one of those purposes is for rock stars to send out cries for help to their loyal fans! Are/were you a Creed fan? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Image via Freep]