Reports are circling that microchip manufacturer, Intel, will be suppling a new chip for a the latest version of Google Glass. The new version of Glass will be available in 2015, according to news reports. The new chip will replace the current one that is made by Texas Instruments.  Intel will be promoting the new Glass to be used in the workplace, i.e. in such places as hospital and factories. The information that was reported by the WSJ  did not provide any details regarding the chip.

Also, Google has not immediately responded to requests for more information. The usual ‘no comment’ came form the guys over at Intel Japan too. Google said it was marketing the Internet-enabled head-mounted display for business use, with a program called Glass at Work, earlier this year.  Google also said that employees of oilfield services company Schlumberger are currently using Glass in order to improve safety and efficiency.

Meanwhile, Intel have been moving into the wearable field in recently by working with other companies. At this years’ CES, the firm showed off some smart earbuds, that are capable of measuring a runner’s heart rate. Wearables appear to be the next logical step for Intel; Earlier this year they purchased high-end health tracker firm, Basis Science. Intel’s XMM6321 3G cellular radio was also incorporated into MICA, a fashion bracelet which was unveiled recently.

Back in April, Google Glass was updated to the new Android OS, KitKat. A key benefit from this upgrade was the increased battery life capability. Google also gave Glass a facelift in an attempt to make the device more attractive to consumers. Glass was made available to early adopters in 2012. it took ages for the device to reach everyone else. Google finally released the wearable for public sale in the U.S. in May of 2014 with a price tag of $1,500.

[Image via en.wikipedia]