Okay; I do believe I’ve seen it all now. I live in an incredibly exciting point in time, and just in my lifetime I’ve seen the advent of cell phones, cordless phones, dvd/blu-ray players, next-generation video-game consoles, the internet, iPods, iPads (and most other Apple gizmos), HD TV’s, Bluetooth, smartphones, smart cars, smartwatches, and until this week, I honestly thought I’d pretty much seen it all. But I was wrong. Earlier this week I read about a new “smart” device – a device I never even considered would go the “smart” route. Just what is it? A pacifier of all things. That’s right – the thing you stick in a baby’s mouth to keep them from crying all the time. There’s really not a whole lot to a pacifier – there’s a little rubber-ish nipple attached to a piece of plastic attached to a tiny handle. That’s it! That’s all there is to it! What’s there to make “smart” about it in the first place? Well, it turns out quite a bit, apparently.

When we had a baby shower for our youngest daughter, my wife and I received a pacifier thermometer as a gift. Until then, I didn’t know such a thing existed. You just put it in the baby’s mouth, and it reads their temperature while helping calm them down. So there’s one way a pacifier becomes “smart”. And, If you have children who get attached to their pacifier, then you know what a nightmare it is when the thing goes missing. (And let’s be honest, besides the car keys, the pacifier is what seems to get misplaced the most). A new product from Blue Maestro, the Pacif-i, is a pacifier that tackles both problems simultaneously while connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Pacif-i: A Smart Pacifier For Your Baby

Pacif-i reads and records your child’s temperature so a health care worker can view the data at a later time and date. It’ll also keep track of its location in case you misplace it. Which you will. Guaranteed. I will admit, though, using a mobile app to find your kid’s pacifier seems a bit much.

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[Image via Blue Maestro]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech