Last year, it was widely reported by TechBeat and other sources that Amazon was getting into the drone craze and designing delivery drones which would be capable of delivering packages right to the doorstep with no need of a delivery person. They even got so into the idea they went through multiple design phases to try and get the perfect drone. Now, with new proposed rules for commercial drones issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), it looks like Amazon and other companies wishing to use delivery drones will have to keep their plans on the ground at least for the time being.

FAA Issues Commercial Drone Rules, Looks Bad For Amazon

One of the new rules that would seem to hamper Amazon’s delivery drone idea says that all drones must weigh less than 55 pounds and constantly fly within their operator’s line of sight. They’re also not allowed to go over 100 MPH or fly above an altitude of 500 feet. Though they acknowledge the difficulty with the proposed rules, Amazon remains in good hope that their Prime Air service will take off in time.

If these new rules stick, it won’t just be Amazon facing trouble – any business that wants to use a drone would have a headache on their hands as they attempt to follow every regulation. Movie makers are already required to get special waivers to use drones during filming, so one can only imagine what kind of waivers will be needed in the future.

What do you think? Do you feel the proposed rules are a bit of overkill, or do you feel they’re necessary? Let us know in the comments section below! (And don’t forget – these are only “proposed” rules and they can change before they’re ultimately finalized at a future date).

[Image via CNN]