I really take advantage of Siri on my iPhone. I know a lot of people who have iPhones and don’t utilize her at all, but I’ve found the digital assistant to be very helpful. I especially use her for reminding me to do things so I don’t forget them, like taking out the trash, picking up medicine, getting certain groceries, etc. While I do use Siri quite a bit, that’s not to say I’ve found her to be perfect; far from it. Sometimes I can’t make her understand me to save my life. Sometimes she does the complete opposite task I want her to do. It’s not all Siri’s fault, though – when I used a Galaxy S3 phone I had some of the same problems with S Voice. At the end of the day, though, I’d have to say Siri performs better for me than S Voice did. But Siri might not even be the best digital assistant out there, and soon, if Microsoft has their way, their digital assistant Cortana (you know, from Halo fame), may be coming to your Android or iOS device. You thought Cortana was only for Windows Phones? Allegedly Microsoft is willing to share her with the masses.

Cortana To Come To iOS & Android Phones

While she’s currently only on the Windows Phone and will be an awesome feature on Windows 10, Cortana’s only available to a certain number of people, and Microsoft wants to fix that. I’d imagine they want to offer the best digital assistant out there, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Hey, if she was good enough for Master Chief she’s good enough for me.

It remains to be seen when Cortana will be available on non-Microsoft platforms of if it’ll be a free or a paid app. Something tells me it might cost a few bucks, but what do I know?

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SOURCE: Yahoo Tech