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Windows 10 Removes Google Search From Cortana
From last week, Microsoft has ended what many people consider the easiest way to search the internet; by blocking third party searches that go through Bing and the Cortana digital personal assistant. The move was announced late last week in a blog post by the General Manager of Search... Read more
Cortana now available on iOS and Android
Microsoft personal assistant, Cortana is now fully available for both Android and iOS …as long as you live in China, or the USA. Not that that news will come as any surprise to most people who’ve followed recent app releases. As seems to be the case with growing numbers... Read more
Cortana iOS Beta Arrives (For Some People)
So the good news is that the Cortana iOS Beta is here. The bad news is that only 2,000 people get to test it out. Windows Insiders were given the opportunity to sign up for the Cortana iOS Beta via a short survey at the start of November.  The... Read more
Windows 10 For Mobile For Windows Phones Will Rollout December
Windows 10 is to begin rolling out for Windows phones this December. Microsoft’s Lumia division announced the release date, late Tuesday evening on the Lumia Facebook page…of all places. For those who can’t wait, Windows 10 for mobile will be available on Microsoft’s newest Lumia flagship 950 and Lumia... Read more
Cortana Coming to iOS & Android Phones
I really take advantage of Siri on my iPhone. I know a lot of people who have iPhones and don’t utilize her at all, but I’ve found the digital assistant to be very helpful. I especially use her for reminding me to do things so I don’t forget them,... Read more
Windows 10 Will Be Free, And All The Details From The Windows 10 Event
Microsoft’s event has finally revealed all its secrets surrounding Windows 10; some were expected, while others not so. There is clearly something to appeal to everyone in this major update, whether you are a heavy Internet browser or a gamer. Microsoft’s focus seems to be set on providing cross-platform... Read more
Cortana Can Predict NFL Games On Windows Phone
With the NFL getting ready to officially start their season soon, I thought I’d let you know of a nifty little perk of owning a Windows Phone. With all the talk in the air of iPhones and Androids, the Windows Phone can sometimes get left in the dust. That’s... Read more
Cortana Hacked As Home Automation Controller
Admittedly, Cortana is a latecomer to the game of personal assistant software, but Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Voice just might have a fighting chance. Coupled with all the changes and initiatives happening within the company, Cortana’s future looks bright, and in the near future, you may even... Read more
How Does Cortana Stack Up Against its Rivals?
Out of all the updates that Microsoft made to Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana has to be the one that makes most of an impact. For some time now the phone platform has been struggling to keep up with its rivals but with the addition of a personal assistant, hopefully... Read more
Cortana Not Coming To Asia Till 2015
I hate to be Debbie Downer here, but while it seems that Cortana might just have what it takes to put Siri in the backstage, users who live in Asia will have to wait till next year to enjoy Microsoft’s new personal digital assistant. While the latest Windows Phone... Read more
Halo’s Cortana: Siri’s Nemesis?
It’s not that Siri is all that brilliant. She could be hilarious with her responses, sure, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Ask Apple users just how often they use Siri, or even if they even rely heavily on Apple’s built-in personal assistant. There is,... Read more