It happens all the time, no matter where you go – people who walk and text and have absolutely no idea how to do both activities at the same time. If they focus on their walking, they misspell all kinds of words and even autocorrect can’t save them. (Can it save anyone?) But if they focus on their text message, they don’t watch where they’re going and are known to run into people, places, and things. I’ve read countless stories where those texting and walking bump into people, signs, poles – I even read one story where a woman completely walked off of a pier because she was too busy looking at Facebook on her phone. (Okay, it wasn’t a text message, but the point still stands – most people can’t look down at their phone and walk coherently at the same time).

While people’s inability to do these two relatively simple things at the same time no longer really surprises me, the things that happen because of their inattentiveness still do. Today I read about a 27-year-old woman from Lakeland, Florida who walked into a moving train because she was allegedly texting someone. If you’re wondering how in the world someone can full-on walk into a moving train without noticing the gigantic moving thing, join the club. She must have been engrossed in one heck of a conversation!

Texting Woman (Allegedly) Walks Right Into Moving Train

As she walked into the train, she was unsurprisingly thrown into the air by the impact. While she claims she wasn’t texting at the time, multiple witnesses state she was staring down at her phone as she struck the train. As a result of the accident, she broke her right arm but otherwise only had minor injuries. Needless to say, this was one lucky woman!

Moral of the story? Pay attention to what you’re doing. And don’t go texting by any train tracks.

[Image via JRN]