Are you looking forward to Windows 10? Many people are thanks to the resounding disappointment Windows 8 seemed to be with the masses. The last Windows version I used was 7, and I have to say I thought it ran smoothly and I don’t remember any problems with it. Windows 10 is making some big changes, however, starting with the way you login to the computer in the first place. Forget passwords – Windows 10 will apparently let you login with a scan of your face. In other words, it will use biometric data to unlock your computer. Apart from a scan of your whole face, it will also reportedly allow you to login with a retinal scan as well as a read of your fingerprint(s). This feature will be known as Windows Hello.

Windows 10 Will Log You In Using Your Biometric Data

Microsoft is doing this due to the ease with which passwords are hacked, and while no system is completely foolproof, this move certainly seems to be a step in the right direction.

I currently use a Macbook, and without the KeyChain feature, I’m not sure what I’d do about all of the passwords I have; it really is unfortunate we are now so dependent upon passwords that things could really get messed up if we forget one of them.

Apart from the biometric data feature, Cortana will also be available as a digital assistant.

The release date of Windows 10 is still unknown, but hopefully it’ll be sometime this year. Are you excited for the new operating system?

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SOURCE: Yahoo Tech