Amazon has been dubbed the “evil empire” for its killer instincts when it comes to not only selling you stuff, but doing it better, faster, and cheaper than the other guys. From its humble beginnings as a sweet little online bookshop, Jeff Bezos & Friends has grown into a megastore all its own. So what can you buy with one-click ordering and (mostly) free shipping from the comfort of your own sofa? Well… have you ever wanted to own a herrerasaurus skull? (We’re not kidding…look it up.)

Nitrous Oxide

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Yes, despite concerns from anti-drug groups and concerned parents (following the death of a young man who apparently OD'd on NO2), you can buy "hippy crack" on Amazon. Of course, you're supposed to make whipped cream with it, not inhale it instead of oxygen. That really should be printed somewhere on the packaging.